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Question...vet bills

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I am just wondering how much the price of certain veterinary services cost in different parts of the US and the UK. I will start with something simple that most everyone here has had done.

Teeth Cleaning:

Manchester, NH USA

Preanesthetic shot: $25
Anethesia/Tarter Removal: $85
Minor Tooth Removal: $3-8
Major Tooth Removal: $8-15

Just curious to see what other people payed.....
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Here are two price comparisons that I’ve had done or am scheduled to have done from WI and NC.

Eastern North Carolina

Anesthesia: $93.30
Teeth Cleaning and polishing: $63.60
Molar Extraction: $19.70

South East Wisconsin:

Anesthetic: $29.50
Cleaning: $75.50
Extractions (minor): $5

The one thing I noticed though is that if you only go off the few things listed the pricing can seem very misleading, as the difference in charge for blood work was double the cost of the other clinic and other items varied significantly as well. Ignoring certain factors like x-rays or optional treatments, the end cost of both would have come out to about the same price.
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Well I just compared the actual cost of dentals on my senior girl ...

Vet 1 = total 200.00

Vet 2 = total 330.00

vet 3 = total 150.00

None included extractions as none needed ... vet 3 was the last one and included the most bloodwork , pre during and post fluids

All three are in the same 15 mile area
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I'm in Oregon, and Odo just had his teeth cleaned. The total cost, which included pre-op blood work, fluids, anesthesia (propofol and isoflurane), extractions of two canine teeth, pain medicine during and after the procedure, and cleaning of the remaining teeth, was about $400. The type of anethesia can make a big difference--the safer ones are often more expensive. Since Odo is about 14 years old, I wanted to go the safest possible route with him in using anethestics that would be easy on his kidneys. The teeth that were extracted were canines (fangs) that have deeper roots, so the extractions themselves also cost more (about $25 each).
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