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Thursday's DT

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For the first time today, I went and looked back at all the historical stuff in the forum. Right back to when Anne started it and the site only had a couple of members.

There certainly has been a lot of drama, tragedy and laughter. I think the most horrific thing (apart from 9/11 of course) was Debby's story of Merlin, and particularly Merlin's siblings

I've also been dipping in and out of a coule of other sites, and I have to say this is THE BEST. In terms of all the lovely people on the site, as well as the way the site operates and the way it looks - it's really great, but running it must be a full time job!

Apart from that - I am SO bored. I'm spending all day applying for jobs via the net. If my employers find out, I'll be in serious smelly stuff.

Hope everyone has a more interesting day that I'm having.
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My four-day weekend has begun! I would have slept in, this morning but, someone decided to burrow under the covers and nibble on my knee! (No, it wasn't Bill - DRAT IT)

Today is my decompression day: no housework. I'm going to do my hair (new color) and nails and goof off.
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Cindy - what colour are you going to do your hair? Radical change or just a tweak?
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Well, I am back from the doctor's. Apparently my cholesteral is a little high, my potassium is a little low and my thyroid is a little off. Those were the doctor's terms, not mine. The potassium and cholestoral will be easy to take care of. She is a little concerned about the thyroid. It isn't too bad now, but she wants to check it monthly. She doen't want to put me on meds if she can avoid it.

Other then that I am doing alright today. We didn't go to the track last night - hubby was very tired after work. After today he is on holidays for a few weeks so that should hopefully help him.
I am looking forward to the cottage next week, so if I don't check in next week, it is only because I won't have internet access.

Cindy have a great 4 day weekend and Yola, just keep an eye out for the boss and look busy when she comes by.

I hope evryone has a good day.
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Yola, good luck with the job hunt. Cindy, enjoy your weekend. I would love to have a decompression day...maybe Monday I can do that.

Ady, I'm so glad it's nothing serious. I was worried about you! Like I said yesterday, I always imagine the worst thing in the world, then am completely relieved when it's something simple.

I am impatiently waiting for it to be this afternoon. My supervisor is still rushing around and being very irritable. She will be leaving this afternoon, so I can actually relax a bit then.

Earl will hopefully be finding out more today about his job. They have been closed for another day and a half because the power went out over there. I just don't get a good feeling about all this. I used to work in the same area, and although it is prone to power outages because of older infrastructure, they usually have the power back on in a couple hours, tops. I think that they can't pay him and want him to quit since they don't want to let him go themselves. Some people just shouldn't own businesses.

Yipes, here I go again blathering on and on.

Hope everyone has a good day!
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Adrienne, I'm so thankful it's not too serious. You know I was praying for you. When did we give you permission to take a week off? Do you have that in writing? Doesn't our contract clearly state that a laptop must accompany our members on vacation? It should! We'll miss you.

Yola, I hope you find a job you really love. (Even if you did think the original Star Trek was "cheese." Come on, now. Tell us seriously that you didn't love Mr. Spock-just like me!)
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Oh OK then, you win. Yes I thought Spock was a cool dude (I guess love didn't come into the equation at the age of 8 or 9).

But I did have a little crushette on Kirkie . . .
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Ady! That is such a relief that the test results were nothing real serious!!! I too was worried, and did say a prayer for you!!! Glad to hear it went well!!

Did nothing today except sleep when I got the chance, change diapers and feed the baby. I guess I did watch my soap and practice my songs for the wedding I have to sing at soon.

Tomorrow is Amber's first checkup. I am sure it will go well. They will also take my blood pressure again.

Nothing new, really.
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Originally posted by Jeanie G.
. When did we give you permission to take a week off? Do you have that in writing? Doesn't our contract clearly state that a laptop must accompany our members on vacation? It should! We'll miss you.

If you supply the laptop, I'll keep in touch! LOL

Thank you everyone for your concern and prayers! They are appreciated!
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