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cat enclosure for deck- need tips

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not sure if this goes here but i want to build something permanent for abi to use the covered deck that is between my house and studio. right now i have screens lashed to the railings but it looks tacky and going in and out to the circular outdoor staircase is a pain. plus I dont leave her out there alone because one of these days she may decide to jump it. My husband doesn't want to screen in the entire deck and build a door so what ideas do you all have to keep her safe and keep my husband happy?
here is the current rube goldberg set up. she doesn't go out in the rain.

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I was just thinking that she'd be over that fencing in a shot. You probably will have to consider something substantial, or she will go over, under, around or through.

Do you use that entranceway? I was thinking that if you do not, completely screen in the whole thing, top to bottom. If you DO use the entryway, that won't work.

Sorry, I guess I am not much of a help in this matter.
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she hasn't gone over it because it's a 30 foot drop and the screens are too flimsy to hold her so she hasn't gone up them. but it might be just a matter of time... i know. and my husband wont let me close off his access to the stairs he adores them.
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Ok. How about building a completely enclosed large-sized pen for the cat, sort of a portable playpen? That way no doors, no worries about the cat going over and down the screens.....she may not quite like it at first, but it would sure be safe.
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Check out the different styles of cat enclosures under the Logo at the top of the forum page, and Google for others - there are so many types and you can find ones easy to copy. But while you (and she) may have been lucky up until now re her jumping the screens, one day something irresistible may come along to lead her astray - she'll forget the 30' drop and either tear away the screen (they can!) or just jump, and .... You need at least 7' high walls to be sure she'll stay inside (they can jump that high, unless she's over 10 yrs, and even then you'd be surprised), and something strong enough so she can't get under or tear through it - if only in fear of whatever - and something that won't catch her claws and not let go). Your husband unfortunately, may need to be convinced of it all, but maybe if the rig looked professional and neat, he'd be happier about it.
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If your husband refuses to make it a secure area, there is no plan that will work. The stairs are pretty but a cat is a cat. I'm surprised you haven't lost her already. The slightest bump will dislodge those screens and that is a tiny leap to the top. The rule with cats is: an opening that the head will fit through is too big.

Areas enclosed in lattice are always pretty but, again, a door is needed. You are caught in the timeless effort of woman attempting to please both man and cat. Hard to do when the man does not share your same feelings for the animal's happiness.

Good luck!
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Thanks for the ideas and reasoning. I think I am going to push to screen in the area with a door added so he can use the stairs for next spring. During the rainy season she doesn't want to go out there anyway and we are DEFINITELY in the rainy season. He knows how important the cat is to me and will do what's best for all of us once he has time to let it sink in.

what I really want him to do is build a greenhouse window over one of the den windows where she loves to sit and then we could just open the window and let her roam around in her ventilated window bay. he might prefer that to a screened deck.

and she really doesn't like the outdoors except for the deck...hates the feel of grass, dirt or pebbles... she has never bolted from a door but one never knows when that could change.
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Oohhh - she is TOO cute to lose!
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