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just saying hi

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I just wanted to introduce myself and ask a few questions.

I have 2 female cats. One is a faded- calico named, Bridgette. She is about 2 1/2 years old. She is anti social. The other is a 6 month old Bengal named, Lea. She is a typical Bengal. She is very high strung and affectionate. She is very vocal and runs around meow or howling very frequently, which is a Bengal trait. She is always trying to play with Bridgette even when Bridgette doesn’t want to play. My fiancé and I play with her constantly. If we don't play with her when she wants to play she will meow to get our attention or will bring us a toy. We also try to get Bridgette attention when she asks for it which isn't very often. We are always trying to get Lea to leave Bridgette alone but it doesn't work for long. I have tried to train Lea with a clicker but she never took to it. She also loves water but doesn’t like getting wet. Anytime she hears the bath water she comes to keep us company. She is constantly going around the house meowing or howling, which is a Bengal trait.

We have been having a few problems with them. One is, since we have gotten Lea, Bridgette has started to spray when she is in heat. We have been trying to fix this problem by trying to relax Bridgette by giving her more attention or locking Lea up so that Bridgette could be left alone, thinking it could be stress. We always clean it up and steam vac the spot whenever she does it. She only does it once when she is in heat. They both aren't fixed yet. We are getting them both fixed soon. We are hoping that this will help some.

Bridgette has always been a nervous cat and throws up undigested food at times. She mostly does this if she feels stressed in any way. So we are thinking it is stress related.

Lastly, Lea keeps climbing up our screen to our belconette window and our leather computer chair and has already ruined them both. She is starting scratching the carpet as well. She scratches our one chair frequently, So we put a small vertical scratching post (that we used to stop Bridgette from ruining furniture, it worked for her) by the chair but she still does it. Lea won’t even use the post anymore. She used it a little when we first got her. Bridgette loves it and uses it all the time. So we are looking for something for Lea to scratch on and climb that is inexpensive.

Any advice on this would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Hello and a warm welcome from Spain and my kitty-cew

Wow, things sound pretty busy in your house !

I think you are right you really need to the girlies spayed obviously that will stop the smelly spraying and it will also help with attitude Also it must be really hard trying to keep them in when they are in heat and all that calling out to the males can be upsetting to hear.

Have a look in the Cat Care forum, theres lots of great advice there about spaying - oh also about scratching problems and some solutions........

Talking about scratching, theres lots of home made things you can do for them to play and trim their nails on Good old cardboard boxes are a great starter........and we all know cats just love to nosey in boxes. Once your cat jumps in, use a lace from a trainer to tempt the cat to play and use her nails, they will soon get the idea that they can scratch (without annoying you ) in the box ! Old pieces of carpet can also be used as scratch mats............hopefully things like this will attract your kitties away from your furniture.

Well enough from me, its great to meet you and I think you have posted some photos of your kitties, so I´ll have a look at those

Enjoy the forums and keep us updated ! !
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and welcome!
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Hey, welcome to the Cat Site.

Have a look at Behaviour, Health and Nutrion, and Care and grooming - also, please talk to your vet about your concerns. A good relationship with your vet is one of the best presents you can give your girls.
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Hi and Welcome to TCS!!!!

See you on the forums!
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Hi & welcome to TCS

My guess is that spaying your girls will virtually eliminate the spraying problem. Until that time, there's little you can do about it

As far as the scratching, I know my girls love those cardboard scratching pads...especially the one on their turbo scratcher! Also, clipping their nails, although not always easy, does help lessen the damage they can do
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Hi again!

I posted to your other post. Getting them spayed will almost definitely help alleviate their stress, stop the spraying, and possibly even calm Lea down and enable Bridgette to become friends with her!

You can buy corrugated cardboard, catnip-laced scratching posts of various types at any "pet" supply store, or order online from businesses such as Drs. Foster & Smith at http://www.DrsFosterSmith.com or Cat Claws, Inc. at http://www.CatClaws.com . I personally recommend investing in some good upright scratching posts that are tall enough for Bridgette and Lea to stretch full length to scratch on; these last a long time if covered in sisal (rope) and allow them to really exercise. You know that claws are absolutely necessary and natural for cats to have! and I'm glad you haven't brought up the horrific subject of declawing, which is like removing a person's fingers to the first joint, and can cause infection, behavioral problems, and even death in some cases. CLAWS BELONG IN PAWS and thank you for loving your cats enough to care about THEM first, above inanimate objects which can easily be replaced or discarded!
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