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Introdusing Adult Cats?

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Ok Ive never actually had introduse an adult cat into my group before. Even though Annie was an adult when she came to live here my other cats already new her because they would go over to my parents house with me. But now Ive got Nazumi. Hes very easy going and doesnt seem to mind my sisters cats hissing at him. He just sits there looking slightly dumb and then continues on his way. But my girls are umm howdo I put it less then easy going. Kitten will slap and slap. Annie will full out attack if she doesnt like the other animal. Lily hates all other animals. So how do I introduser them properly?
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The stickies on this forum have lots of advise on proper introductions.
In my experience, introducing a male adult to a group of females was no problem. Yes, the girls hissed and gave him the "you'll be sorry if you touch me" attitude but that was all. Now they ignore him.
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Here are the six golden rules that I followed when I had the same situation:

1. Do not yell at him if he hisses at the kitten
2. Do not ever put them together and let them fight it out
3. Do give him even more attention that he has been getting
4. Do not lavish attention on the kitten in the senior cat's presence
5. Do not change his schedule around
6. Do get the new kitten his own litter box and foood and water bowls
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