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free printshop?

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I was wondering if anyone knew of any sites that have a free printshop like program to download.
I'm looking to be able to make cards, and maybe email attachments...simplistic stuff that I don't have available on my laptop.
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I've never seen any free print shop like programs for making cards and stuff. But some of them can be bought for fairly cheap. Print Master has a small, downscaled version of their software (which I love!) that can usually be bought for around $9.95. A great place to look would be ebay. Or go directly to the Broderbund website and you can usually pick something up. I have PrintMaster Platinum and I upgrade every 2-3 years. Once you own one of their prodcuts, you get upgrades very cheap. ($15-$20 for Platinum version). Sometimes if you look for packages of blank cards, it will have a free scaled down version of a creative software such as PrintMaster.
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Try typing in print shop freeware on Google. You might have better choices for shareware, which is minimal cost. What kind of computer do you have? If you post your question on a computer forum, you'll probably get some good suggestions.

Cheers, from
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There are quite a few choices if you have a look in the siggy/graphic forum - specifically this thread but in some of the others too.

The main ones we use in there are photoshop (elements and CS), paint shop pro, and gimp
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