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What are you doing on the weekend?

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I finished work at 1 pm today and had to attend my teaching workshop, its 6 pm and i got in not even 10 minutes ago.
I was supposed to have guests over tonight but they cancelled.. good for me since i didnt clean my apartment properly.

Tomorrow I'm having a girls night out, because its much needed!
Top of that i have to do my weekly shopping and sunday i will be chilling out at home with the kitties!

So what are you all upto?
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Nate had booked leave for tomorrow, but he looked on the rota today and found he was still down to work He's not a happy bunny and it's messed up our weekend
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Tonight I have to work 4-12. Tomorrow I am going to dinner for my boyfriends work Christmas party. We can't go to the company party, but just his store are going out for dinner. I also get a flu shot tomorrow and my boyfriend is getting winter tires put on his car, which I get to pay for. Somewhere in there I am going to watch the movie Accepted. Probably tonight after work. Sunday I am working 12-8.
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Im hangin out with my sister this weekend. And playing with the kitties.
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Yay, I'm picking my husband up from the airport! He's been gone sixteen days this trip.

Cheers, from
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I think I am going to veg this weekend. I have been on vacation all week and have spent most of it cleaning my house. (Oh God, did it need it!!!)

I need to spend some time with KittenKiya, he has been feeling neglected lately. Tammy-Timmy has quieted down, hell she was asleep so long the other day I thought she was dead. I haven't seen that cat stay in one place so long it scared me.

Pete is looking for huggins and lovings and ChanKahli wants a hug too. The trash truck came around this morning so all my ferals missed their hugs and loves too.

I think I will just putter around, hit the internet, get some serious sleeping done and hug my lovers.
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You know, I was supposed to be thr driver on a trip to Jasper this weekend, as my cousins boyfriends mother is in town, and of course, none of them drive, but all of them want to see the mountains...Its all good, except tomorrows daytime high is -25C, and there is supposded to be appreciable wind. I dont know if Im into a 3.5 hr drive each way, when Im not goig to be willing to exit the car at the end!
Sunday I have to go grocery shopping, warmer winter boot shopping, and watch football. So Im sure my weekend will totally disappear as usual...alas
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Working - we are sponsoring a hockey game with the Easter Seals to raise money and its been left to me to sort it all out
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-25 degress??? CELCIUS? it hasnt really hit 0 here yet and im already suffering
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Whoooaaaaa... -25? Is it even possible to get that cold??? *shivers* Today it was 28 degrees and that was nice. I like heat! I'm a lizard!

I had my aikido grading today, (at that time it was a little TOO hot...) and I think I passed ^-^ If I did, I'll be a blue belt now!!! Tomorrow I'm studying for my biology exam *dies with boredom*
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Hi guys,

I am taking my 4 little pals to the cattery this mornig for two weeks. I know they are looked after, safe, warm, fed etc my head tells me they will be fine but my heart breaks every time i leave them

My suite case is almost packed as we are flying to Cuba tomorrow morning for a holiday. I am excited but finding it hard today as my kitties dont know that in a couple of hours the baskets come out and 4 rounds of wrestling is about to commence. There will be blood spilt........mine !
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