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Black Friday report..

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Digital camera, score!!!

FLat screen 19" LCD monitor.. DENIED!!
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waaa hooo! -dig cam
blaah - LCD screen
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I scored the Camcorder online yesterday at like 3am!!! So score for me.. Now DH wants wants wants wants more things.... DENIED by me!!! Though we will be partaking in the 2 day sale of a game and a cat carrier! (hopefully)
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I HATE holiday traffic...the closest that I will get to civilization this weekend is the little CB market in Brownsville, KY (population 438). It's a 3 dog town...but they all sleep on the same porch.
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I'm staying home today. I KNOW what the traffic is going to be like.....Valencia will be tied up for an hour....Broadway will be tied up all day.

Not me, I'm hugging my kitties and checking my garden and feeding my beep-beeps and hogging my internet.

(Second cup of coffee and still in my PJ's. I'll take it.)
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I stayed in today-no black shopping for me(not today anwyays ) DH went to Wal Mart this morning before work though to get our daughter a Dora car that was CHEAP! And thats her Santa gift. (or one anyway)
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I got up early and drove to The Thomaston State Prison Show Room. Its a large hand crafted wood show room and all the products are made by inmates at the Maine State Prison. from 7:00 till 9:00 they had 45% I boughtt a large hard wood bureau for my son for xmas. I saved $156.98 on that one item. it was a mad house but worth the long line..
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No shopping for me!! I delivered a couple of winter containers to a client an then stopped by another one which is an upscale gift shop to have owner pick out what she wanted. Took her check and was very good about not browsing in the store (even though there are things I want to get!!)
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how do i statr a thread ??
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I saw on the news that even Canadians were waking up at 3am in order to drive down to North Dakota to shop! The items could be free and you couldn't get me into a store with crazed mob shoppers! LOL I had a nice leisurely stress free day in my warm home
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We braved the outlet mall in Aurora outside Chicago. It was a MADHOUSE!
There were people there in droves waiting in line outside stores, it was crazy.We got there at 5:30 am. Some of the people had been there since they opened the mall at midnight. It was funny to see people sleeping on the benches in cold weather. It was cold until about 10am. Oh well, honey got his clothes for his b-day and we got a universal remote for our tv, vcr/dvd player, and the cable box for only $3.00. SCORE!!! For the amount of clothes he got we really didn't spend that much money. There were crazy sales in all the stores. We had fun though. We took his mom too. It was a great day! But in all honesty, I doubt we will be going again right after Thanksgiving again, but I could be wrong.
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I didn't really see anything advertised that I really needed. I'm broke to begin with though, so holiday shopping will have to be put off for a little while. I live right near the local mall though, and when I drove by this morning it was CRAZY busy.
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