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Eee!!! Excitement!!!!!!!!

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OMG OMG!!!! Is anyone out there!?!??!!? Pleeease!! I have to tell you what happened last night!!
Well, Hubby and I have been considering getting a dog for ages, and we've been weighing up which breeds are most suited to us etc.... anyway, after much research and thought and discussion etc etc, we decided on a Border Collie.... well yesterday I happened to buy a newspaper, and it had a littler of puppies being advertised in it!!!! So, (of course) I rang up - the breeder was a wonderful lady and very friendly and helpful... so we arranged to go up the same night and see the puppies!! We told her we were interested in a male....
We got there, and there was 8 little gingernut and white puppies waddeling around!! I could've taken them all!!! We saw the mother and was wonderful, very calm and laid back, VERY friendly
Anyway, I fell in love with one little boy, and real chunky little guy with chocolate and white colouring.... and naturally hubby fell in love with a different one.... soooo what else could we do?? WE BOUGHT THEM BOTH!!!!!!!!!! The one hubby liked is gorgouse too, he is much more red/ginger than chocolate and doesn't have much white, just a thin ruff around the neck and white paws..... they both have blue eyes and are totally GORGEOUS!!! They are only 4 weeks old though at the mo, so we have to wait another 4 weekes before we can bring them home... but at least that gives us time to prepare!!! We are also going to sign up to do agility training with them when they are old enough
As soon as we have them home next month - expect PLENTY OF PICTURES!!!!! I'm just SOOO EXCITED!!!!
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And HOW many cats?

What are you guys going to do - move into the garage?

Seriously, it's great that you'd getting doggies to go with the kitties. Four weeks is ages to wait, are you sure you'll manage?

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The Bod-menagerie grows in leaps and bounds! hahaha

I hope the kitties allow them thru the door.

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Hee hee!!! Two dogs and Seven cats!!! Oh Joy oh Joy!!!!!!
And I know, 4 WHOLE WEEKS!!!! I'll be crazy by then!!! I think we'll be going to see them before that though!!!
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YAY for you Rhea!! They sound adorable, I bet you can't wait for them to come home to you!!! Congratulations on your new "kids"
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Thanks, and you're sooo right!! I CAN'T wait!!!! I just keep imagining those little chubby puppy bodies waddeling around my house!! :laughing:
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OH I know the excitement you have right now! I have been waiting since June to get my new Bengal. We leave tomorrow!

I just love puppies! They are so cute! Congrats on the new family members!!!!
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Congrats on your soon-to-be new additions , Rhea

I'm looking forward to the day when I can add a dog to my little fur family. Thankfully, neither hubby nor my son show signs of dog allergies.

Have you decided upon names for the little cuties?
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Yup, we have decided that the chocolate chunky one is to be called Murphey (my chioce) and the little gingernut is going to be called Rye (hubby's choice) now I want to go buy name tags and toys and bedding and treats and and and!!!!!.... :laughing:

(oops, I just spent £30 on Amazon buying doggy books... shhh!!! )
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By the way, this is a pic of what the puppies WILL look like, its NOT one of mine, but its so cute....
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Awwww Those are such cute names!! I can't wait to see pics of the little darlings

My kids have told me they want to get a Chocolate Lab and name her Hershey I thought that was pretty creative of them :laughing:
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Cool name!!! Now you HAVE to get a dog... can't let a good name like that go un-used!
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Rhea how fun! Those puppies are SO cute! Guess you better sit the kitties down and have a heart to heart talk with them... Great names, BTW. But what else could we expect from someone with cats with names like yours!
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:laughing: Thanks Heidi..... I wanted to call Rye Harry or some such name... but hubby was ahving none of it.... *sigh* ah well, I quite like Rye.... but I still think its a bit too "sensible" :laughing2
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one good thing is that since border collies need something to herd (they are working dogs as you know) they can herd a group of fekines!!!!
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That paints a great picture - Bod coming home to find her kitties all lined up in a row waiting as good as gold while the doggies stand guard.

Who knows though - maybe it'll be the kitties standing guard over the doggies . . .
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:LOL:.... yes.. well... we are planning the intro's veeery carefully!!! :LOL:
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Wow - you have chosen some very high energy dogs! Are you planning in training them in agility trails. Border Collies do the best at that! You are so lucky to be getting the new additions, but where are you going to sleep. Pretty soon you will need to buy a bigger house again!
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Haha... yes we are planning to start agility with them as soon as they are old enough and at least we have a new couch... its alot comfier than the last one... haha
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Rhea, You'll have to learn all the whistles needed to teach those babies how to herd kitties. It should be great fun at your house! I hope you're still saving the spare room for me--although I don't mind a few kitties cozying in, as long as they don't have mouse breath!
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Rhea...that picture of the little puppy you posted is sooo cute! I can't wait till you get your puppies and we can see pictures of them!!!! Congratulations on your new babies!!!!! I love the names, too!!!
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WOW! See what happens when I am gone for a couple of days???????!!!!!!!!!!! You have gone to the dogs !

Congratualtions on your pending adoptions! Those are great dogs!
I am VERY jealous!
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Congratulations Rhea on the new puppies!!! You and Sam must be SO excited! I'm so happy for both of you and the kitties and puppies. You are really going to have a full house now. :LOL: :LOL: Mika and I are going to get more kitties and a dog or two when we move into a bigger house in the future sometime.
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Lol Helen I can just picture it - but the other way around! Hee hee. Congrats to you Rhea and your hubby. Don't forget to post pics as soon as you can. If we can't drool over pictures of kitties, puppies are just as sweet How's the waiting going? *whispering* Have you bought lots and lots and lots more doggy stuff?
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Eee don't encourage me!! :LOL: I'm trying sooo hard to not buy anything untill its closer to the time we bring them home!! IT'S SOOO HARD!!!!! I have already weakened and bought some doggy books.... and some leads (leashes) and collars.... oh, and had their name tags engraved!!!
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LOL mate! If you can't have the pups just yet, shopping is good waiting therapy! :tounge2:
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I know!! I can't help myself!!! I've bought their food bowls too.... haha... ut hubby doesn't know that yet!! hee hee...
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What about doggy beds?...and blankets...and chew toys...and gold coated water dishes...and snow shoes...and their own fan...and squeaky toys...and bones...and food...:laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:
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ARGH!! sTOP STOP STOP!!!! :LOL: I was in a shop yesterday, and I had an armfull of doggy stuff, toys chews, treats etc etc etc, hubby just looked at me like "what do you think you're doing with all that?" So I just put them down again and left the shop in a strop!! :LOL:
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HEEHEEHEEHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Awww mate, us humans were born to shop...for our pets!
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