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Jack and Norman

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Pretty hard to get exciting pictures of these two cats... I mean, all they do most of the time is just lay around.

Norman, the older cat. If he isn't laying down sleeping, he's by the door wanting to go outside.

On top of the couch by (where else) the door.

Under the table by (once again) the door.

Sometimes Norman will give up on going outside, he sprawls somewhere.

Little bugger... He's probably dreaming about being outside.


Coming downstairs, probably because he thought I'd let him.... Ah, you know.

The bathroom shot. Nice tail.

And to get around the 12 image limit (I have 15), I'll post Jack in a second down below...
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Now, Jack is the younger of the two (about 14-16 months old or so). he's still a bit energetic and loves to flop.

Caught in stride.

Peeking out at me from under the coffee table. We put that blanket up there sometimes because he likes to jump up on it a lot, even when he comes inside on wet days.

It's hard to look this comfy while resting your head on a hard metal bar.

Ah, the table. It is "officially" Jack's spot.

Looking down at me from upstairs, feeling all high and mighty.

Taking a page from Norman's book and hanging out near the door.

Hiding out in his tent.

And.. Even though the two rarely get along when they meet face to face, they do tolerate each other pretty well at times.
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They are gorgeous!!!!
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Awww sweet!
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awww......... what a pair of cutie-pies.........they are just so handsome
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Great pics of those handsome kittys
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