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Simba has a Vet Appt today

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Well if you all remeber I have another Cat Simba who is 12 y/o and he in general is a very healthy and sassy cat but since Ropers arrival 6 months ago things have changed for the worse. I made a couple threads about this when the problem was new, and I took the advice I got and the advice of my other friends. The big one was "Give it Time".......well time has drugged on and nothing has changed except Simba has gotten worse.
He refuses to be in the same room with the Kitten. He spends most of his time outside on the second story deck. For awhile he wouldnt use his litter box or eat and drink.

Now we have to bring Simba downstairs for him to eat and use the litterbox, we also put out a bowl of food and water outside on the deck for him to.

He has a Vet Appt today at 4:30pm We are really worrying about it.

His Symptoms are:

Coat/Fur feels funny. Simba had a very nice coat, extremely soft now its more sparse.

Sore Swollen Chin and there is also min. hair loss

He has a habit of licking his mouth....he has never done that before.

Wieght loss.

All these things are very uncommon for Simba and its been a real dramatic change.
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I don't have any answers for you, other than perhaps the lip-licking could indicate nausea, but wanted to wish you all the best for the appointment. Make sure that your vet does full tests - a senior panel - to check thyroid function, kidney problems, diabetes, etc. which can affect older kitties.

Good luck
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I don't have any advice to give, but I would like to send you all the VIBES we can muster up! I am hoping the the vet appointment today will help you guys out and take care of some of the issues!
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Glad you are going to the vet's. Those symptoms are not sounding too good. Please be healthy headbuts and settle down big boy licks from KittenKiya's Clan.
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How did the vet go ??
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I hope it went well at the vets!
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Waiting to hear about Simba....
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I agree with everyone and recommend the blood tests.

If all appears fine with his health, he could be overgrooming his chin due to stress. Does he appear to be overgrooming himself anywhere else?
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