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Daily Thread TGIF Nov. 24th

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Morning everyone Looks like neet is slackin again, so I will do the honours once again...

Are you all nursing Turkey overload hangovers?? I will take some of those leftovers off your hands...especially the stuffing

Well, it is Friday which Is always good...i think I am headed off to a party tonight, and tomorrow I am shipping my SS gift!!

Have a great day everyone!!
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Morning, or afternoon as it's 12.25.p.m here

Oooooh i love a good party!, so have a great time

It's cold and windy here today. I've got my new kitchen table and chairs being delivered tomorrow, then i'm off into town to do some more retail therapy because i want to exchange a top i bought last week as it's too low cut
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Just got up myself. Weather is veeeeery nice. Had two yeast rolls leftover from yesterday for breakfast.

Susan? I'm sure Gil wouldn't mind the low cut top on you.
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Good morning everyone!

It's a bright and sunny day here today, but a bit on the cool side.

I'm doing the countdown!!, 7 days until DH and I go on our honeymoon!

I'm sure that's all I'll be thinking about for the next week

Have a great day all!
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Originally Posted by gemlady View Post
Susan? I'm sure Gil wouldn't mind the low cut top on you.
Oh i'm sure he wouldn't either, but he's not
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I'm still trying to wake up after yesterday

Have a great day everyone!
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Oh sugar........Oh honey, honey.....you are my candy girl......and you've got me wanting you.

Good morning from sunny Tucson,Arizona!!!! The cactus wrens are chirping to each other in the cholla, the hummers are driving the cats nuts, got my palm tree trimmed a couple of days ago, my poppies are all over the place.....have new roses out, jasmine is growing like a weed, house is all picked up and cleaned.......damn I am happy.

Oh yeah, its is a balmy 50 degrees with sunshine everywhere. Ferals are fat and sassy, insiders are stuffed and I've got French Vanilla coffee again. YES!!!!
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Well, it's afternoon and YES I was slacking, Miss Natalie. I am off work today, so no need to waste a perfectly good chance to sleep in. Good to see you up and at it early.

Not much on the agenda, nursing a headache but it's a nice day so I might go outside for a bit later.
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good afternoon all!

at work right now getting it over with so i can have the evening off.
Gonna chillax with the bf tonight...we hardly ever have real downtime together.

Happy Friday and I hope everyone has safe, fun weekend!
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I wish i could say TGIF but i have to work this weekend

hope you all have a good weekend and hope you all had a happy thanksgiving
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hehe, its now evening here but ill tell you about my day anyway!

My american collegue celebrated thanks giving yesterday, he had friends over till 2 am and then had to get up at 5 am to go to work! poor boy was so tired!

But i had a pretty good day at work, i have been really tired lately so i really need to either take some vitamins or sleep it all off this weekend!
I've decided next weekend im putting up my xmas tree

The pea ball in my leg has gotten bigger and it hurts, so i have to go to the doctor during the week

Happy weekend everyone!
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