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New to cats

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Hi, I'm new to the forum and new to cats. Enlighten me! I want to know all.

The closest I've ever came to owning a cat is having two horses named Cougar and Kity. I took care of a kitten who had a mental defect when I was young but he saddly was put down. Consitering adopting an older cat this Christmas. I've got a soft spot for elderly animals. Special needs, short lives and all. I'd love to go to a shelter and take one of the older ones home. My only concern is I do have three dogs. Two are 6 months old and the other is 11. The pups live outside but my older dog lives in the house. It's not that she hates cats but she has never gotten along with them. Sometimes she chases them. Most of the time she ignores them. Would it be ok bringing a cat into our home around Christmas?

I don't want to upset my dog or the cat. My dog is pretty chill. She loves my rodents, tolerates puppies, adores children, and seems to ignore cats 80% of the time unless they get close to her and she's feeling playful. Her playfulness is reduced to almost nothing as she's getting on in her years and is just a big cuddle bug herself.

If we do decide to bring a kity home how do you introduce them?

Any other things you think I should know about tell me. I want to know all there is to know.
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and a warm welcome from Spain and my kitty-crew

Its great here, you´ll find loads of advice, help and support.........oh beware, it can get addictive

Its wonderful that you have decided to take an older kitty they do get over-looked due to the cutie little ones that often steal hearts But you know an adult kitty can steal your heart as soon as look at you !

I think with a bit of time & patience the cat should settle OK with your dog, an older cat wont be charging around like a young one, so that will certainly help.

At 1st your cat needs to have its own space, so if you have a spare room that you could set up, that would be great. You know the usual stuff, food, water, cat-litter tray, some toys and one of your t-shirts or similiar to make a bed - that gets the cat used to your smell and it will recognise it when you let the cat explore your house a bit more. Feed the cat separately to start with, in its room. You can then start to slowly introduce your dog, obviously closely monitored by you As time goes by they will get to be great buddies

Well there is loads more, but I´ll leave it at that for the moment, I am sure our other members can chat to you about spay/neutering, types of foods, health care for now

Its great to meet you, please keep us updated ....oh and when you do get your new cat, please post some photos we just love photos here.

Enjoy the forums !!
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Welcome to the site!

That's lots of good info that will get you started, and bless you for wanting to adopt an older kitty
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!!!!

See you on the forums!
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Welcome to TCS!! Let us know when you adopt your kitty!!
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Moofi gave you excellent advice. Welcome to TCS, you have come to the right place for any questions you have concerning getting a cat.
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Welcome to the Cat Site.
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As for introducing the cat to the dog and vice versa-have two blankets, shirts, or something of that nature, and when you get kitty, rub one alllllll over the cat, and rub the other alllllll over the dog, give the dog smelling one to the cat, and the cat smelling one to the dog-to get use to each others scent, do this for a few days-before they actually meet one another. After that try having the dog in the carrier, and put it in the same room as the cat-observe both of their body languages, do they look angrey or excited? Do this for short periods of time. Next try having the cat in the carrier and the dog outside of it, in the same room, how are they responding to each other?

After they get use to, and comfortable with that, have them in the same room, supervised-and just watch-say nothing unless necissary. How do they do? If it's ok, then let them wonder around, as long as the cat has somewhere to excape from the dog, like a cat tree, it should be fine.

Good luck, and we look forward to seeing you around!
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Hi there we're so happy to welcome you to TCS. I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay with us - we're one great big family and you'll find loads of friends here. If I can help at all while you're finding your way around TCS just click on my username and send me a Personal Message - I'll do what I can to answer your questions

It's wonderful that you're thinking of adopting an older kitty. I'm not a dog owner so can't be of much help with the dog/cat question. I know there are plenty of people on here who do have both dogs and cats though
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Welcome! Hopefully your introductions will go smoothly
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Dear Fiery:

Welcome! Moofi DID give you a lot of very good advice. We thank you, too, for wanting to adopt a mature cat. Millions annually lose their lives simply because there are not enough loving homes for them -- you will be doing something really great by bringing an adult cat into your home and heart. Shelters and sanctuaries can advise you, too, on the best ways to integrate a cat into your family. The forums here are very educational -- hope you'll read them all, especially the ones on cat care and introducing a new cat into the family. Your cat will need private places to get away from the dogs, and it's always, always best to keep cats indoors-only, for safety, health, and longevity reasons! If the dogs are outside most of the time, that would work out great. Your cat will need places out of the dogs' reach, too, if they do come in the house -- cat furniture is very important! and you can look at some by clicking on the links on the site here.

GOOD LUCK and thank you again! You'll never regret adopting an adult cat. (PS: MORE THAN ONE IS TWICE -- or more -- AS NICE!)
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Hi from New Hampshire! I will also add that when you go to a shelter, they will probably have cats that have lived around dogs. That would be a good cat - or two to adopt, since they will all ready be used to bossing a dog around! Good for you for chosing the "slecial needs" animals!
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I second THAT emotion!!! and thank you for saying it!
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