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I have HAD it w/ these A-H kids!!

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Hi folks~

I got a beef to run by ya and I want your opinions/thoughts/ideas. My husband and I (and our kids/furry kids) moved to a new neighborhood and it's gorgeous and we love it but...(yep, there's ALWAYS a big, huge BUT!) there's this family a couple doors down w/ the children that were obviously inseminations of the devil himself? Anyway, they've done MANY things but today was the LAST straw--the evil troll of a kid (he's only 7 by the way, but MY goodness...than again it speaks volumes of his parents...unless he had untreated mental health issues which if is the case I will gladly retract that statement) took and ran over a cats tail and then picked him up by this tail and TWIRLED him like a cowboy twirls his lasso!! He then let him go and the poor thing hit a brick wall. My daughter managed to get the cat and bring him to me and I see a "tear" of sorts under his tail w/ some blood. I have submitted a complaint w/ the local homeowner association for our neighborhood and filed a report w/ the sheriff. The cat is currently upstairs in our bathroom...but I got to thinking...hm, I just noticed the other day MY cat has a similar owie...I chalked it up to getting caught in some thorns though!!

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That is beyond horrible! I would not be allowing my cats outside until something was done to punish this child. I would also urge you to take the cat to the vet as well as the other one. Internal damage can lay dormant while the cat is in shock, and then rear its ugly head and cause all kinds of problems.
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Geez, don't those parents teach their kids anything about animals?
That's sickeing, poor kitty, hope he/she will be fine.
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That is absolutely horrible!!!!! I agree with Hissy, don't let your cat outside until this situation is resolved. The parents are responsible for this child's behavior and I really hope the sheriff will do something about this!!
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Elyse, You were so right to call the police. We all know that children who torture animals usually have dangerous tendencies. Most serial killers tortured animals as children. What that child did was unspeakable. He is old enough to know that what he did was wrong and would cause pain and damage to the cat. Yet, he may have done damage to two cats now.

I believe both cats should go to the vet, and I would take the parents to small claims court for the expenses. If the judge finds that the child's intent was malicious, the parents will have to pay. Of course, they could say you didn't have to rescue the cat, but at the very least, they would realize this child's behavior could eventually cause himself and them a lot of trouble. He is either mentally ill, or just plain rotten. Either way, something has to be done.
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Well folks~due to the childs age (7 or 8) they will not take a report--GRRRR, he said the best they can do is talk to his parents! Sheesh but his parents are probably part of the problem! At any rate, I also reported it to the HOA so maybe there's further action and at least it's another nitch in the post to get their a**es out of here and evicted. I feel so sorry for the animal kingdom, that it's ok to commit a crime because your young...I think a report should be taken even if no action taken because it creates a file on that dang menace.

Any other thoughts???

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Have you taken these cats to the vet yet? You can alway sue the parents in small claims court for the medical costs and the pain and suffering of the animals. A few years ago, I watched in horror as two under-age children got away with crucifying a cat on a stop sign! Seems there is no justice in the world when it comes to the plight of animals.
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Try talking to the local humane society. They will come talk to the parents. With the police talking to them and the humane society, perhaps the parents will realize that it is time to take the kid for psychological treatment. Unfortunately, this behavior WILL escalate. He is getting away with it right now, and since he has done it more than once, he is obviously getting pleasure out of hurting the animals. Pretty soon, spinning cats will become boring, so he will have to do something even more horrendous to get the same thrill.

This kid is very scary....he and his family need psychological intervention right away.

I agree with the others...keep all animals inside until this family goes away.
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When my step-daughter brought her 8 kids for a visit a few years ago, one of her youngest (the three year old boy) took great delight in spinning one of my kittens on the kitchen floor! A few days later, I caught him dunking the same kitten in the horse trough! His parents thought it was *cute* the kid was giving the kitten a "bath." That night, seeing that the parents were not going to take any action against this brat- I took all my kittens over to a friends house to keep them safe.
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That's the age to nip this in the bud, to teach our children that "hey, these are creatures who FEEL stuff just like you!" my younger daughter kind got going on that road at that age I had to make sure to really get on her, watch her close, limit contact, etc--sure it takes effort hense the shi**y parents who don't do anything! I think animal control officers should visit Kindergarten classes.

Some people don't/won't agree w/ me here but if say I was in your situation with those kittens...I'd ask the child, "What would happen if I dunked your head in that water, can you BREATH under water? Nope, there isn't ANY air at all...that sounds SCARY" they just need to be able to put themselves in THAT position and think about it. But the responsibility is w/ the parents DEFINATELY and maybe you didn't want the kitten getting bathed by a 3 yr old!

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I just now told the kid to never come to my house/property AGAIN...I was somber but polite and yet firm. I explained to him that if I were to swing him by his BUTT or run his butt over w/ my car it'd hurt...bad. He just now left. Part of me feels sad for him, but I don't want him around my kids--EVER.

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You had to forbid him from coming into your yard Elyse. You certainly don't want him hurting your KIDS like he did those cats, and that is the next logical step. If he doesn't respect an animal's feelings for pain, why would he see another kid as any different?

Actually, that's the same situation that my MIL got her second cat. One of her friends, a big burly mechanic, looked outside his garage and saw a couple kids twirling a kitten around by its tail. He went out there, made them give him the cat, and told them in no uncertain terms that if he ever saw them treating an animal like that again he would twirl them around his head. They started getting cocky, until he made like he was really going to do it! Scared the little brats half to death. He took the kitten in and called Diane. The kitty recovered physically, but has always been a bag of nerves. We stayed with her for a week and I saw a flash of that kitty once.
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I don't *know* if he did this same thing to my cat. And the cat that my kids witnessed isn't ours and in fact, he's at a nearby cat facility being treated (free to me, they won't charge me). So I'm at a loss other than keeping him away from my kids, that child is a menace and I can't stand him. I had thoughts of running him over w/ my car today...

The part of me that felt sorry for him is the part that thinks it's at least SOMEWHAT possible his parents are losers. I already suspect they're on drugs (my other neighbor heard them arguing over drug money and one of the teens offered HER teen son drugs).

ICK! But still...I'm not THAT sorry, just sorry he was born into THAT I suppose was more where I was coming from. I still want him to go visit JUVIE HALL for what he did!!!

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Just because I'm a little evil , and a bit vindictive, I would have the cops come by to talk to the parents about their son's behaviour with the cat. Especially if you think they may be involved with drugs. They won't like the fact that the cops are coming for a visit, and may actually tell the child not to hurt animals so the cops stay away. Not for the right reasons, to be sure, but it may work. Of course, it may backfire and they could beat the child senseless, or make it a personal vendetta against you, your children, and your animals. (Sorry, I just always think of the worst case scenarios, too.) I guess you know your neighbors better than I, so could possibly gauge their reaction better. Of course, the "best" case scenario could be that they have drugs and such just laying around and would be arrested on the spot, meaning a good cause for the HOA to evict them...

Some food for thought, at least what my mind's been chewing on.
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The police officer did say that he'd be making a visit this afternoon at some point to talk w/ the parents. I don't know how much "good" it's going to do but I think they're on the way to be evicted anyway. My friend/neighbor rents/leases from the SAME folks as them and she told him upfront, "hey, your new tenants are BAD news. One offered my son DRUGS and vandalized my yard!" so, they're aware...that's a good thing. Now, they'll be getting informed REGULARLY about what they're doing. I'll see to that. I have vendettas of my own and I'm not getting pushed around ANYMORE.

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Good for you! Maybe a litle vendetta is just what they need to make them go away. I don't know how it is with everyone else here, but all my friends know if they bring their kids to my house, they go by my rules or they get a good old fashioned spanking. If they don't like it, they don't bring their kids to my house. I have only had to do it once, because my friends are very good about watching their kids at my house. One nasty little brat was picking on Fred and got her butt spanked all the way across the yard where she sat in a chair for the rest of the visit, while everyone else was in the pool. I don't have kids at home and my house isn't child proof.
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I agree with all the posts. I guarantee that if I'd have seen that, I'd have done exactly what you did. But I'd have lied and told the parents that the kitty passed on because of what the child did to it.
I think that would bring home the message that there is something wrong with this kid and they need to get him help. I hope you find a wonderful place for this kitty to spend the rest of his life away from people like that. IMO: people who do that to animals should be labeled animal abusers and checked on once a week to make sure that they have no more animals in their possession so they can't hurt any anymore. (no matter what age they are) Oh yeah, they should be registered in a computer and when they move into a place, they need to send out the fliers like they do for the child molesters. At least that would give the people a chance to bring in their animals so that they won't be hurt.
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Us neighbors are banding together, we're going to get them evicted one way or the other. My car now has a scratch along the hood (I just bought it Aug 17th!) and that's the last straw. I won't give up until they're GONE, GONE, GONE! The cat abuse was the last straw actually--having them live around here TOMORROW is too much.

The wonderful gal from the HOA of the neighborhood has OTHER complaints against the same family. She went to the police and they have said that "this family is well known to us, CPS is involved as well..." so, all is not lost folks.

I'm keeping tabs--those folks are GONNERS.

Now you see MY evil side! :disturbed
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YOU GO GIRL!:evilalien
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