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I got a temporary job!

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Please don't laugh at what kinda job I got. anyways you know those people that ring bells for donations during the holidays? Well that's what I will be doing. It's $6 an hour which isn't bad. and I start tomorrow at the mall at 2:30 pm - 7:30 pm. I am nervous. I'll still be volunteering at my local animal shelter. the temporary job will only last to the end of December but it will be nice to have some money of my own.
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Congratulations on your job!! Although $6/hr. isn't the highest wage you'll ever earn, it is an honest wage, and to the agency who has hired you, it is plenty. And think of the worthy cause you are working for You will get to meet lots of people, but remember that if they shy away from you, it's often cuz they are worried about affording a Christmas themselves; when I was a struggling, single, no-support mom, I would feel so bad that I couldn't afford to give anything (my $$ were for toilet paper, toothpaste, milk, that sort of "luxury" ) that I would try to avoid the bell-ringers Please let us know how it goes, and maybe you could keep a journal - what an interesting topic- your adventures as a bell ringer at a mall And to top it off, you'll continue your shelter work You are showing the TRUE Spirit of Christmas Susan
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woot extra money is always a good thing
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That sounds like it could be fun, and you will be right in there with people all in the Christmas spirit!
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Good for you! A worthy cause, indeed.
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That's not funny, that's a great job to be doing. I think the people that do that are always so nice and that's why I always give my change to them!(the bucket!) Good for you!!!
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I didnt know those people got paid for standing out there! I thought they were volunteers. Congrats on the job! 6 dollars isnt horrible!
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thanks everyone! I will definately let you all know how it goes.
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That's great and $6 an hour isn't too bad and extra money is always good and the more jobs you have the better your work record and as you get older you will realize how important that is.
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