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The new baby

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This is Monkey. The face says it allll!!!!

he is screaming for playtime. Gotta run.
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very nice,
how old?
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He's adorable!!!
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Oh my goodness Janis he's so tiny and gorgeous!!!
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Aw, gimme a hug, tiny thing! How sweet!
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Oooh I WANT HIM!! He's got that little crazy-guy face on, hasn't he?
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Very cute indeed
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What a little honey!!! He looks raring to go!
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OMG he is just adorable.
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Wow does he ever look like our Lex lol
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aww i wanna cuddle Monkey right now!
what a precious little darling...
seems only like yesterday my Stewie was that tiny...furroucious but tiny!
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Awwwwwww Janis hes so precious! You have to post more than 1 pic of him!
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