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Help, more then friends?

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So I need some advice. I have this guy friend i have known for over two years, the whole time we have known eachother i have had a boyfriend, about a month ago my boyfriend and I broke up. I started hanging out with my guy friend b/c i decided i needed a life since i never go out, i have a lot of fun with him, and i feel like in just this month i have totally changed, for the good. I feel confident,happy,and i feel free, like i can do whatever i want, i love it!

So anyway I have always thought that my guy friend kinda liked me but i never thought i was his type, he always had negative things to say to me, and i kinda got annoyed, but once we started hanging out a lot that negativity went away, and i have more fun then i ever did, i look forward to hanging out with him and I actually kinda miss him when i dont see him, and before i never did. He also treats me like a princess, which i never have experianced before, he takes me to dinner and pays, he takes us both to get manicure pedicures and pays! Its just amazing to me cause in every relationship i have ever been in im suporting the guy or paying for everything. I guess this guy makes me feel good, and makes me feel taken care of.

This guy is so not my type, physically. But other then that we have everything in commen, and have so much fun together. About a week ago we both got drunk and went out with friends, one thing led to another and I guess you can say we became more then friends. Nothing has happened since but i have seen him everyday since then. Im suppose to see him tonight. I know he likes me, he told me, well not that he likes me but he has been saying things so i know he does. Its kinda weird to me, Im so confused. I dont know if i should say anything to him, im thinking we should talk before anything happens agian, but at the same time im not sure if he just wants to hangout and have fun or if he wants to date me. He calls me all the time and if i were to assume, i would think he wants to date me.

Its just so weird taking a strictly platonic relationship to the next level, but he treats me like no other guy has. Im not sure if thats what i like or if i like him, does that make sense? Im so confused b/c he really isnt my type physically, but sometimes i find myself attracted to him.

I normally like tall athletic guys and he is the oppisite. But i cant deny these feelings. I dont know what to do, say something and talk to him, or just see what happens?

Ive never had a friend that turned into something more. Part of me wonders if this is meant to be and part wonders if im just rebounding, but then agian i broke up with the ex and i had wanted to for the longest time.

What should i do?
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lol well trust me one day everyone will wake up old.
I would perfer to date a girl with body of a porn star or maybe christina agulara, hmm
but real life does not really work that way.

In the end what you have to deal with is who the person is. not there looks.
if this person makes you feel good, and you enjoy his company. then why not see where it goes.
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Does he like your cat????
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"i never thought i was his type, he always had negative things to say to me, and i kinda got annoyed, but once we started hanging out a lot that negativity went away"

some guys use that as a front! They totally are into u but like little school boys they tease you...only so you pay attention to them.

If i were you I would ask him if he would be interested in going out on a date.
If you can go out on a date and there isnt this awkwardness between you two then maybe it just might work. I also understand he might not physically be you type but that just might be for now. as you grow older your type changes and finding a good man isnt about whats on the outside, its whats on the inside. Ive gone out on dates with all types of guys and no two boyfriends of mine were ever the same type of guy. Variety is good!

taking baby steps to getting "spicy" is important if you guys start dating.
and being comfortable calling him your man is also important.

going out on dates might be your move since most of the times, guys are scaredy cats!
If he sounds as good as he is and since you told us he really makes you feel wonderful why not try and incorporate him into your life a little more personally!
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Originally Posted by KittenKiya View Post
Does he like your cat????
aww you always have something to say that brightens my day!
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Your life partner should not only be your lover, but also your confident and best friend. Sounds like you have a good start with this fellow
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lol...he likes my cat.
I know looks dont matter and if there is a connection and he makes you feel good then that should be all that matters,and i agree with that.

After I posted this we saw eachother everyday, he called me or text me everyday. But something happened. He dropped me off at home this last Tues morning, last I have talked to him was one text message Tues night, i havnt gotten a call or text since. Im not sure what to think. I dont have to see or talk to a guy everyday but when that is the norm and then it isnt,it makes me wonder.

He could be busy with work, he is launching a company, but he has never been too busy to call. Im wondering if i said or did something im not aware about? Im also wondering if im just freaking out for nothing, its only been a day and a half with no call, but still like i said not normal.

I would really rather not call him, I want him to make the contact, since im not sure how he feels I like to have him call,im so weird. But how long do i let this go before I do call him cause he is my friend,but a lines been crossed so now things are differnt.

I dont know what to think or do. And to top it off im totatlly bored so of course it is all i think about, its driving me nuts.
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If you would have normally called him by now or in a day or so I would follow that routine. Keep it how it was before. Maybe just call him and tell him you were just calling to let him know that you were hoping everything is going good with getting the business going and such, just friendly!

Good Luck and Don't Wig Out!! You'll be fine!
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Ok so I sent him a message like I usually do, I agree if we are friends then i should act like i normally would. He text me back, I told him I felt like something was wrong and he said no that he just got out of a board meeting, but for some reason i dont buy it, something seems off. Womens intuition?
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Maybe you are reading more into it because you feel more for him now than you did before! If nothing had happened previously would you have second guessed what he told you? If not, then you shouldn't now! He's still the same friend you had before!
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I'd step back for a bit.

Keep chatting as you would before - don't ask if anything is wrong.

I wouldn't worry about what comes 'next' for awhile. You said you were really happy and having fun. . . .you've just come off of a long relationship. . .just enjoy his company and have fun.

kinda 'sex and the city-ish' without the sex. . ya know. .?
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