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Sorry I have not been on the site...

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But, I have been going through some BS the last couple of weeks and have not been available. It started when I had my Miata totalled by an incompetent driver who decided to make a left turn at the last second right infront of me. I have been recovering from my injuries, which included a broken nose and fractured kneecap. I have been on Vicodin for the last month and have been struggling through the pain to work for the last 3 weeks. Yesterday, I found out my insurance dropped me and lost my day job as a result. I am currently with no car and no job since I cannot drive. My insurance is still paying on my claim, but I have to find a new car and a new insurance carrier. I DID have a good thanksgiving with my parents, good food etc. My mom gave me these bandanas that slip over the collar for Mr Jinx and he looks sharp in his little Christmas themed bandana, which has snowmen and little kittens and puppies on it. He has been VERY supportive of me the last couple of days since I have been down in the dumps and sleeping the last couple of days. He has been my little shadow, sitting on my lap and comforting me to the Nth degree since yesterday. I am thankful for Mr Jinx.
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Hey Scott and Mr Jinx and welcome back! It sounds like this last couple of weeks havent been that great ..... hopefully you are on your way back up. That broken nose and knee cap sounds horrible! Thank goodness you have had Mr Jinx at your side. Happy Thanksgiving and I look forward to seeing Mr Jinx in his new bandanas, that was really nice of your Mom!
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Wow, it sounds like you've been having a heck of a hard time. Cats are great for making you feel better when you're down. I'm glad to hear you had a good Thanksgiving though. I can't wait to see Mr. Jinx in his new bandanas. That'll be cute!
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I'm sorry to hear that you're having such a hard time Hopefully things will soon start getting better
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Oh heck I am sorry about the accident what a total weirdo pulling out like that ? you just cant understand what on earth was going on in their mind
Heres sending lots of get well soon {{{{{ vibes }}}}} and some from my kitty crew - you are right our fur-friends have the way of making us feel tons better Your Thanksgiving sounded wonderful, to have all those special people & fur-family around you
Well we are glad to have you back and when you feel up to some more "PC" time, do post us some photos of Mr Jinx, he sounds a hoot

Take Care and enjoy catching up ! !
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Hi and welcome BACK, TCS!!!!!!

Don´t worried I to know you´ll be o.k. !

See you on the forums!
post #7 of 12 sorry about your accident, hope you are recovering well...Kitties are the best when we don't feel good...glad Mr Jinx is taking care of you!
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Welcome back - I'm sorry that things are so rough right now.
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Welcome back I'm sorry you've had it so rough, lots of vibes to get things turned around! Those bandanas sound super cute! Mr Jinx is a model!
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Dear Mr. Jinx and Scott:

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Empathy and hugz to you both -- we sure do feel for you both and we're so glad you have each other! That's so important in this messed-up time and place, we know...You're so smart to curl up and lick your wounds. We do that, too, and it sure does help! We're stronger than ever when we come back, ready to meet the challenges life sends our way. Hope you get another and better job soon, that your car woes are soon history, and that you'll find a better insurance carrier -- may I recommend Mercury, lol? Let's just say there's a vested interest...

Lots of hugz and strokings to Mr. Jinx -- and remember -- when you're at your lowest, YOUR CAT WILL ALWAYS BE THERE TO PULL YOU THROUGH! with unconditional love and loyalty. Life just wouldn't be worth anything without good cats to share it, right?
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Well, I should make a note, I DO have other cars, but none I wanted to use for deliveries...1988 RUF Twin Turbo, Turbo Miata, and the Viper...I was able to get a rental...I am going to be getting a 1996 Ford Probe GT very soon...LOVE those cars.
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Dear Scott:

Well, yeah, guess you won't have any trouble getting around, then. I'm not much into cars -- more into CATS! -- but I do have happy memories centering around a Probe. And who doesn't love Vipers?
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