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spayed cat

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Just wondering how soon after a cat is spayed should u return the cat to the vet to get its stiches removed? MY brother recently adopted a cat from the H/S she was spayed on the 20th of novemeber they told him he has 2 weeks to have the stiches removed by a vet. I am assuming they should be done within a week though?

How long should her activity be restricted?
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If the cat has regular stitches they stay in for 14 days after the cat is actually spayed. I would just keep an eye on them to make sure she isn't chewing on them and the incison doesn't get irritated.

If this if the same cat you mention in your other thread I would probably not let her run loose with the other cats until she has been checked by your own vet for worms, FIV/Feleuk, etc. We quarentine new cats coming into our home even if they appear healthy to prevent our resident cats from becoming ill, as they don't always show signs of an illness.
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Not a spay, but my boy's hernia stitches come out tomorrow - that's 10 days after surgery. I would expect between 10 and 14 days, depending on healing. A week would be too soon for normal sutures for that kind of surgery.
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If the shelter told you 2 weeks then 2 weeks it is. I never had a spay with actual stitches. I have had glue or dissolvable stitches so I don't have to take them back in to the vet. I only even had a dog with stitches and I just took them out myself. I don't recommend doing that though unless you know what you are doing.

Can you take her back to the shelter and have them remove the stitches or do you ahve to go to a vet?
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in the UK it is 10 days after the op.
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