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anyone know...?

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hey guys, anyone know why my cat whenever I am going to sleep, as soon as I lay down and my covers are on and everything, she trys to get under, untill she finially can, and then either lays right by my head across my back, or across my stomach....she does it every night, anyone know? or does anyones cats do that? I am just curious....

One more question...
sometimes my male cat does this....he will be on my lap or, come by me and he will be purrring...but for some reason he trys to bite my nose, all the time..but he is always purring so I don't know what I do, he just always wants to bite my nose...and once he did and it hurt pretty bad...can anyone relate?
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I can relate to both of your questions. I have several kitties that once we are in bed, they work their way down under the covers to snuggle next to us as we sleep. One will only go under one blanket, while the other 4 will go under all the blankets. I also have one that sleeps draped across my pillow at night.

About the biting of the nose, don't get that close to your kitty that the bite can occur. I have one that licks my nose several times and then bites, but they are love bites and not hard ones, thankfully. Kahuna has done this since he was bottlefed as a kitten, and I don't know why, but as he grows, I just try to keep him out of my face.
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Both questions fit my house too.

Most times 1-3 of our cats are on our bed. When I first lay down, our Ashton likes to climb on my chest for some really good scatches. I usually have to roll on my side to get him off of me.

Usually, its only our Jackson that nibbles a little at our hands when he is in major petting session. He has only once bitten down hard enough where my fiancee said "ouch", then he stopped right away. But normally they are really soft.
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My Siamese will not sleep anywhere else. Quite often we won't see him for a few hours and in our bed under the covers is where he always is to be found.

The vet said since we coddled him as a kitten when we first got him and brought him into our bed and let him under the covers then - that is where he always will want to sleep since he associates being under our covers with bed time.

Personally, of my three cats - he is the only one that will come up when we go to bed - crawl under the covers and stay asleep until we awaken in the morning - so I don't mind one little bit!!!
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My Fred loves to sleep on top of me. It doesn't matter if I am on my side, back, whatever, he will sleep on whatever side is up. I can't roll ver fast enough to roll him off, either. He is like a little feline lumberjack running on a rolling log. He used to bite my nose to wake me until I accidentally smacked him really hard coming out of a deep sleep. Pearl likes to sleep cuddled up to a tummy when it is cold. Mine or my SO's, as long as she can get warm there. She will only cuddle under the covers and doesn't care to be held. I guess they each have their funny little sleepy habits.
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My kitty used to sleep under the covers when she was younger but now she sleeps on the end of the bed when I am in it. Only when it is really cold will she climb under the covers and cuddle in behind my knees. She also does the biting on the nose thing but very gently and if I stay still she lets go, If I try to pull away I sometimes get a little nip. I am sure its only a little love bite.
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A love bite hurts because you may pull away and the teeth are sharp! A lot of people don't know it's affection that they are receiving so they pull away. Hold still and the cat will let go and then lick you.
I've always said that it's their way of hugging you!

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Catlover2, your cat crawls under the blankets to snuggle with you because she loves you and finds comfort snuggling with you. She likely sees you as her mother, and kittens snuggle up with their mothers when they sleep. Even if she is an adult, sleepy cuddle time is a time when cats, and people, like the reminder of the safe, loving cuddle times they had with their mothers as babies.

I have an "under the blanket" snuggler. He doesn't stay for long, though, as I think it gets too stuffy. But he always comes under for a bit. I love it. It comforts me too.

A stray 6/7 month old kitten we rescued used to sit on my lap, knead on my chest, then reach up and start chewing on my nose. I think again, it is reverting to the loving, comforting times as a baby with mamma. My cat was seemingly trying to suckle on my nose. That's likely a similar thing your cat is doing. It does hurt some, though. I just kept turning my head and started to massage and give lots of chin scratches to my nose nipper. She finally got satisfied with that and quit trying to nurse on my nose.
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