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new cat

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Hi everyone,
Was wondering if anybody could give a bit of advice.My aunt is a vet,a cat came in to her practice approx 2 weeks ago,he was in a very bad way,he had been knocked down on the road,broken jaw,and some other injuries.My aunt and her team got to work on him,and managed to save him.The cats owner never came forward,so I have said I will have him when he is well enough, he is a neutered tom approx 4-5 years old.

My question is when he is all healed and 100% well again, do I let him out or keep him in? if he does have a wandering nature,I wouldnt want him to go and get knocked down again.I am going to ask my aunt what she thinks is best, but thought I would also ask on here for advice.
I also have 3 other cats

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Oh sweetie, please DON'T let him out. It appears that is how he got hurt in the first place. Please keep hiim in. By the way, I love your name.
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Provide him with toys, places to climb and hide, and attention - and keep him indoors! There is no need to put a cat at risk of being stolen, mistreated, or hit by a car.
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If you read this forum, you will see sad notes from people whose cats get lost, whose cats are killed by cars, poison, and cruel people.
There is no reason to let this cat outside. Letting him outside was what got him into trouble in the first place--though his fortunes certainly changed when he wound up in a caring home with you.

Just play with him, scoop the cat box, use good cat litter, and your little man should be perfectly happy-and what is more important SAFER, indoors.
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Thanks for the replys,I agree with keeping him indoors,but many people have said it is unfair,that a cat should be allowed to have the freedom to explore and hunt, and act out natural behavoir.

I posted a similar post on another cat forum,and I got a mixture of replys, some said to keep him in, others say keeping him in is unfair.

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Hi and a warm welcome from Spain and my kitty-crew

My cats are indoor-outdoor cats and always will be.............but I understand your worry I would think that this little boy wouldnt want to go out anyway, he´s had a very nasty accident and he aint gonna forget that soon
So I agree keep him in.

My question would be, as you mention you have other kitties, do you let them out and if so, in time, when your little one gets feeling stronger, he´s gonna want to go, especially if he can see the other kitties outside, playing and having kitty fun. How do you think you are going to manage that ?

Anyway do keep us posted and if you get chance maybe you could post some photos of your fur-family we just love photos here

Enjoy the forums and heres some from my kitty crew to yours !
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My other 3 cats do go outside,yes.
I will be keeping the new cat indoors,I do not want to risk the same thing happening again.I just hope I am doing the right thing.Surely he will wonder why he is no longer allowed to explore the outdoors, also he will see the other 3 going out.

My cats have lots of activity centres,toys scratching posts ect and are really spoilt,but they still love going outside,I am worried the new addition will be unhappy,and that will make me unhappy.
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well as I mention..........I dont think he will want to go out for a while - so by the time he does feel stronger he´s going to be used to being in the house. He´ll have fun with the toys & you and when the other kitties are in - well he´s gonna have fun with them.............

So in time I am sure things will be fine, its just a matter of keeping your eye on him when the others are whizzing in and out
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Please, don't let him out. THere are too many bad things out there- diseases, cars, other animals. Give him a nice, warm, loving inside home!!
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To everyone that has replied,- dont worry,I will not be letting him out, no mater how much he cries! I am sure he will get use to being inside, it is for the best.I hope he adapts,and is not to sad.
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I am so sick of people insinuating that I am being cruel by keeping my cat indoors only, so I know how you feel! Attitudes in the UK are slowly changing though, thank goodness.

Cats were traditionally allowed out so that they could go to the toilet outdoors. With the invention of odour-control cat litter, this is no longer necessary, and in many parts of the world it is now accepted that keeping them in is better and safer.

A neutered/spayed cat does not have as large a territorial area as an unfixed cat, and have no need to roam far afield to look for mates or defend territory, so even a fairly small home is large enough to keep a fixed cat happy indoors.

I hope that helps set your mind at rest, you are making the best decision for your cat's health and happiness
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