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How long till they recover

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Hey all

Sparky and Tigger got neutered today....

how long is it before they recover and act normal again?

ive just brought them back and they dont want to eat, Tigger had a bit of milk but just spewed

anyway they not happy campers at the moment and just wondered how long before they r A ok again
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My boy was back to normal the next day. I think it just takes a little time for the anesthetic to completely wear off.
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today you just need to let them be in a nice quiet dark area, they will be a bit weeee from the anesthia. with boys after 24 hours they should be almost back to normal if not back to normal. with the food today let them eat and drink as they want, anesthia plays fun on your system
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By tomorrow, they should be just fine!!!
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thanks so much

tigger has now eaten a fair bit n had a good drink

sparky is walking around but not wanting to eat or drink...

they r just walking and sleeping...i guess they r a tad dopey after the op ...understandable

better be off 2 give em lots of strokeys and kissies and love
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Yeah, neutering is pretty minor for the boy kitties. Both of my boys were back and at it the next day. They were cautious about jumping up on furniture for a few days, but really, their activity levels and energy remained the same.

Spaying for females can be a different story.
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Radar was really woozy the evening of his surgery (for neutering and hernia op), he had been given a long-acting sedative/pain-killer as it was a more major procedure than just neutering, and I had to put a cushion on the floor for him to lie on because he didn't have the wherewithall to make it to the sofa.

The next morning he was fine but very cuddly, and by afternoon he was leaping all over the place as if nothing had happened
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sparky is back to normal tigger is ok but cleo is spooked....think coz they smell weird she isnt recognising them

im sure all will be ok once they return 2 their own proper smell
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