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Litter training (question)

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Ok, I need help trying to get 10 kittens litter trained. I know some of them use the litter box and that some don't (I've layout newpapers, not sure if that
s a good thing or a bad thing). How can I make sure that all of my kittens are trained???
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With so many kittens, you need lots and lots of litterboxes. With my 9 kittens this summer, I had 4-5 litter boxes down at all times. Just like kids, if there isn't one handy, the babies will go elsewhere. Also, I always keep my babies in one room....this helps ensure they are always close to a litterbox.
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I have 3 regular litter boxes and then I have a couple smaller litter boxes for the kittens. I wasn't sure if this was a good idea. I was hoping the mama's would do a go job of teaching them, but they aren't that much help.

Thank you for the helpful advice!
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I don't know if they have it in Canada, but here in America(and I'm sure you can buy it over the internet) we have a cat litter called "cat attract" cat litter. It's supposed to have some type of herbal additive that attracts cats to it. I read the reviews for it on Petsmart and 1 person said they had a 3 week old cat they had rescued and as soon as they put the litter in the box the kitten went straight for it! WOW! Impressive!

I used to work at Petsmart and ALOT of people bought that stuff and I only heard good things. Also, it's made with natural ingredients and is supposed to be safe for cats of all ages.(that includes kittens. Duh! LOL!)

Anyways, I think you should give it a try. I just looked at www.Petsmart.com and they will ship to Canada(if you can't buy it there). You can check out the reviews on there if you want, there are alot.

Oh yeah, also, the litter comes with an unconditional guarantee!

Good luck with those 10 kittens!
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Holy, that would be great if I could get my hands on that. I do have a petsmart here. I'll have to go check it out.

I've kept the kittens to one room and for the most part I see them going in the litter box. There are still a few accidents here and there, but not too bad.
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I hope they have it at the petsmart there. If it's as good as I've hear then it ought to REALLY help you out!(especially with TEN kittens!)
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