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A ig call for vibes

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Alright guys...first of all HAPPYTHANKSGIVING EVERYONE!

OK, now...

I'm going 3 1/2 hours away today to a realy nce country place.
I'll get to go see those cows and possibly see the birth.
I'll also get to see kittys galour!


Willie is homealong from today to sunday.

This is his schedule:

Thursday(Today)-Only one checkup by my brother at like 9:00 pm!
Friday- I think my stepdad will be home
Saturday-My stepdad will be home
Sunday-My stepdad will be home, I get home at some point!!!!

I just feel like he's spending too much time in his one room and/or hes going to run out of food/water at some point! He has two bowls of water and one piled high cereal bowl of food. This is usually way more than enought for him!!

I'm just so worried here. hanks for listening to me rant and rave! Can Willie have some vibes, Please?
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Of course Willie can have vibes. Remind your brother and stepfather to double check that Willie has enough food and water.

That's not too bad, if he's going to be checked in on everyday, but reassure yourself by letting family members know what to do, and telling them how they can contact you if they have questions. If you can't be contacted, let them know who to contact (and give them the url of this website if you think that will help).

Good luck, and enjoy Thanksgiving.
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That isn't to bad.

Your kitty just may sleep a lot while you are away.

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Sending lots of Willie be okay vibes...is your stepdad going to checkup on him?
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Remind your brother and stepfather to check in on him,
but sounds like you left enough for him, he will be fine.
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(((((Home alone Kitty vibes)))))

Duke and Sibohan are home alone this weekend too. For 2 sleeps only, they sleep most of the time.
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Sending out some more VIBES to help get through the time till you get home!!! Willie don't have too many partys!!!
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