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What to put on ID tag?

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I can't decide what to put on the first line of the ID tag I am ordering for the kitten we will be getting soon... I don't have a name yet for him so I am not sure what to put. I've made a poll so people can help me decide... (I put "Smith" for a generic last name...)
The rest of the ID tag (3 lines) is:
my phone #
city and state
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I have a double sided tag for stoli and luxor that i purchased at boomerang

my name
my phone #

other side:
*** REWARD ***
vet's phone #
Scan for Microchip
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Mine for my two kitties say

If I'm Outside
I'm Lost. HELP!
my phone #1
my phone #2

Putting the pets name on the tag is discouraged-- The person who finds the pet knows their name and the pet may think they are a "friend". Putting your name and address isnt recommended either-- It can lead unscrupulous people to your home.

Reward is always good, its incentive to call the number on the tag.
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I'd go with a phone number or simply that the cat has been microchipped- as the above poster says you have to be careful with what information you put on a collar
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I'd go with the phone number. That gives them something to call. The other information is nice but could fit 50 million other people.
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It will have the phone # on the second line, I'm just not sure what to put on the first line...
It's a "collar tag" (tag that slips onto the collar like a nameplate) from boomerang tags, so I can only have 4 lines of info :/
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i have her name and my phone number embroidered into the fabric of the color. that way no tags can fall off or get snagged on something.
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On my friends cat I put "Lost if Out" and his info. I think that's a good way to go because some cats that have collars are outdoor cats, so most people wouldnt think twice if they are lost unless it says so on their tag.
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I have the cats name, home & mobile phone # on the front.
The back has "if I'm outside I'm lost".
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I agree with the above poster - stoli and luxor are both indoor cats and if they ever got out i would want the most amount of information available to help get my kitty back to me. if some one came to my house to steal my cats then they wouldn't be using my address from the collar - they'd be getting if from somewhere else. I'm ok with the amount of information - but if my cats were outdoor cats i'd rethink what i put on the tag.
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Jamie and the two half cats have two tags, one with their first names and our last name, address, and telephone number, and the second with their microchip numbers and the number of one international registry. Their microchip numbers, as well as their ear tattoos, are also registered with two national organizations.
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If he's an indoor-only cat, I'd go with "lost if outside" and your phone number.
If indoor-outdoor, I'd put just the phone number.

Cheers, from
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They make tags that say "If I'm alone, I'm lost" already on them, and then you can put your number and such.

I always put the cats name on it, because I've found several runaways and it's always sad to not know what to call it when you are trying to soothe it on the way to the shelter/vet/owner/wherever.
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i just ordered new tags from

i put on the new tags:
kitty's name
my cell #
DH's cell #

i ordered the ones that slide on a collar. they seem like they'd be more comfy, rather than the large ones the guys have now that dangle in everything.
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I don't do names either. Ours say:
(877) 219-xxxx

The next ones I make will have email adresses on them.
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I like "INDOOR CAT" that seems pretty convienient
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Mine all say

Cats name
home phone #
(deaf/blind on the 3 that are)
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Originally Posted by Renovia View Post
other side:
*** REWARD ***
vet's phone #
Scan for Microchip
I've never heard that before 'If I am outside, I am lost'... I like it!

Maui's tag just says:

(my phone #)

The kittens don't have tags & collars yet but they will get one when they are bigger... Theirs will probably have the same info as Maui's tag.

I'm not sure I see a big problem with putting the cats name on the tag I do agree with Zissou'sMom that it's nice to know the name of an animal you find, especially if you know for sure they are lost.
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I know names on tags can be a big problem with dogs as dogs mostly come to the sound of their name. I don't think cats - even ones that act like dogs - will come to the sound of their name by a stranger. They'll be scared as it is.

I feel safer knowing that if Stoli/Luxor ever got out, and someone was close enough to them - they'd see the i'm lost quote.
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I have
My name is Mikey
and on the back I have my telephone number

I need one for stewie

I am going to put
MY name is Stewie
I belong to
my address
my tele
if I am found
please help me
make it home.

Or something like that.
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I think the orignal poster said the name of the kitten isn't known yet.

Cheers, from
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If found please call.
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Thanks! I ended up putting
(phone number)

That way I figure if the cat was found near home they could bring him right home immediately...

I would have liked to put more but it was a tiny tag that slides onto the collar, so it only fit 4 lines of information with 14 characters on each line, so it really limited what I could write! I don't have a 2nd phone number to put on and my email address it too long or I would have considered that instead of the first line...
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