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Abyssinian vs Russian Blue Personality

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Hi all

Right now our family consists of an 11 yr old purebred Russian Blue and a 14 yr old calico rescue. We love them both and are not considering getting more additions at this time because of the stress it would cause since they are older.

But. . . . when our love bugs do pass on (which I am not looking forward to at all), I am thinking of getting an Abyssinian and another rescue but I am not very familiar with the breed except for their beautiful fur. I've read about Abyssinians but would love to hear first hand a comparison of the two personalites. . . Would I be better off getting a MALE Russian? Is an Aby too social and demanding?

What I love about my Russian Blue is that she can be a lap cat, but also doesn't mind when we leave her alone (she manages to entertain herself and doesn't become destructive). She is very attached to her 2 humans (she purrs when I brush her teeth or bathe her) but she does not get along with other cats or humans because she is EXTREMELY timid. The calico, on the other hand, is very social -- gets along great with other cats and perfect strangers but not as bonded to her humans. I would like a kitty who had a little of both, sociability as well as love bug.

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Jugen, I believe has a purebred Aby cat, named Rocket You might want to PM her, if she doesn't see this post. I almost want to say that aby's are like bengals .... active cats.
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Yes maam, I do have an Abyssinian. Rocket is his name.The reason we named him that is because he never stops moving!
Abbys aren't to demanding but they need LOTS of playtime. he is constantly moving and looking for his next adventure. He's taken to jumping to the tops of the doors to be higher then all the other cats. I don't know why. Abbys are highly intelligent and lovers. Rocket loves to be the center of attention and if you have kids, abbys are perfect for them as well. I know nothing about the Russian Blue but I can answer any questions you have about abbys. So ask away, I'll be happy to help you..
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Heehee Rocket sounds funny!

Our Russian Blue was like that for about 6 years, and since then has slowed down quite a bit. She used to be a blur.

Does Rocket get along with other cats? Would you say he loves people as much as he likes cats? (or has he been an only kitty?)

Is he destructive (chewing, scratching, knocking stuff over) when bored? Is he able to entertain himself? If you're on the computer and he wants attention, what method does he use?

How is he when strangers visit? How old is he?

Thanks a million Jugen!
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When we got Rocket we already had a gray tabby named Twig. Now mind you Twig isn't very fond of other cats invading his territory so when we put Rocket down to meet Twig, twig gave him a good slap across the face and sent poor Rocket across the room. But Brave little honey that he is, he came right back time and time again until Twig finally gave up and let Rocket near him. Rocket lives with 3 other cats now and he has loved all of them! He has NEVER hissed when mom invited another kitty to come inside and stay with us. So now Rocket has Twig, Isis and Luna to play with. As far as him loving people? Well people love rocket ALMOST as much as Rocket loves them! He ADORES attention! When we go to the vet, he loves on the vets even after they give him shots. They love it when they see him! They tell me he a handsome boy and that it makes their day to see him.
Lets see. Destructive? well, not really but then again, I put all my breakables in a curio cabinet because with 4 cats, it is certain that something is going to get broken. He does like to climb. SO I suggest lots of cat perches and high places. He gets on top of only one of our fish tanks. that's because I think he likes the warmth of the lights.(and it has a custom made top that he can sit on, but the others don't so he doesn't get on them).
he is able to play with the other kitties, but likes to have you play with him better especially if you are playing with something like a cat teaser! He likes to chase bubbles. He zips thru the house like a bat out of heck sometimes and you can tell when he gets hyper, his meow changes( strange as that may sound). He does on occassion get a little rough with the girls when he plays but nothing that a good "NO!" won't cure quickly, and I know he doesn't understand that the girls(kitties) don't like to play as much as him and Twig. They were ferals and are skittish so he likes to "stalk" them once in awhile to scare them and show them whose the dominant cat. normally they dont' mind, but like I said, every once in a great while he gets to hyper and plays a little to rough.
Usually if I am on the computer, he HAS to be on my lap. Normally he isn't a lap cat, but he's here as I type purring away and headbutting my chin for attention. He also likes to come in at night and lay on my chest for purr and pet sessions. unfortunately he drools and well I end up with a very wet t-shirt but a very happy kitty.
When someone comes over, he likes to be the center of attention. he will wrap himself around everyones legs and meow for attention. He is very lovey and like I said, if you have young kids, if your abby is anything like Rocket, He will stick to the child like glue. My neice is 4 and whenever she comes over, Rocket ignores everyone else and will become her shadow. She loves him with all her heart too.
Another thing, geez this is getting really long..
They are exteremly smart. Rocket can sit, situp and beg. He looks like a little prairie dog when he does. He can tell you what he wants too. He comes up on the bed at night and meows so I will roll over and pet him.(who has who trained??) he likes to sleep under 1 cover at night. he likes chicken(but he can't have it since it makes him sick) and adores turkey and will cry and beg until you give him some.
he will tap my leg when I am on the computer so I will move the keyboard to let him get up.
Hmmm. can't think of anything else. any more questions? Sorry about the long post but I wanted to give you the Rocket insight!

oh yeah, he'll be 3 years old Sept 7th.
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Thank you for the great description! Don't apologize for the length -- that's exactly what I was looking for! Rocket sounds like the perfect cat. I love it that Rocket does well with kids and visitors as well as other cats. . .AND also wants the one-on-one petting sessions. . . oh my goodness, he even likes the VET :tounge2: that is too amazing!

Russian Blues also like heights so that is not a problem. And I don't leave breakables out either. .. I was worried about destructiveness like chewing on cords or something, but Rocket doesn't do that.

"you can tell when he gets hyper, his meow changes( strange as that may sound)"

Our Russian will do that too. . .we say that she needs to be "launched" because she give a funny sidelong look and do a wind-up on her back feet. . .waiting for a launching signal. Then we pretend to chase her -- and she's off like a bullet. But she won't do it if she doesn't have an audience or get the launch!

That's soooo cute that he taps on your leg so you will move the keyboard! What a charmer. . .and smart too. Our Russian does tricks too -- sit, shake and nose kiss. ok Barb, my mind is made up. I'll go tell hubby now what our next cat will be.

Thanks so much!
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Rocket and I hope you and your Abby will be as happy as we are!
Oh yeah, just so you know, Rocket has a thing for anything red. I don't know why. He LOVES to play with red string, bows, anything! And no Rocket never chews on cords or anything dangerous...
I hope you get a ruddy red just like rocket! they are so cute! Keep me informed ok? I also wanted to mention, that we got our baby from a breeder at a cat show. I think that is why he loves people and attention. You might want to try that, but they are expensive though.
We paid $450.00 for him and he was considered pet quality(but we could show him, if we wanted he's that beautiful). His bloodlines are excellent! Well, like I said, keep me informed! I love to hear stories about abbys!
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heeehee maybe he knows he's ruddy red and tries to show up his color the best!

Our Russian goes for brownish red things, I think she thinks they are meat. She used to eat tomatoes and steal red lettuce leaves from our plates thinking they were meat :tounge2:

Yesterday we were daydreaming about our next cat family:
1 Abby + 1 rescue, or
1 Russian + 1 Abby + 2 rescues, or
2 Abbys +2 rescues
(and maybe a doggie in the mix too.)

Yes I will definitely let you know. We don't want our present fur babies to go anytime soon, but we know they won't last forever. ..

We got our Russian from a breeder who shows also, but as a breed Russians are very timid -- even the show cats.

Thanks Barb, I will holler you down when we get our Abby(s)
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I think this one if you have the room:
"1 Russian + 1 Abby + 2 rescues" would be fantastic. but if Russian Blues have a shy side, they might not work well with abbys. Abbys are REALLY outgoing and I'd wonder if that might not scare the Russian..
you might want to talk to each breeder and see if they are compatable.
I'd like to think so, but I wouldn't want you to end up with two incompatable cats. Thanks for keeping me informed. I'll be waiting for your holler! LOL!
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If you are wanting to resuce an abby, there is a retired breed site. I dont remember the name, but I posted it in this forum a few weeks ago.
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Thank you Tigger!!

for anyone else who has not yet seen this retired kitty website. . .umm. . .just be forewarned -- a person could get seriously addicted!
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That's why I haven't gone there. Otherwise I'd have WAY to many cats here! We'd have to move out because there wouldn't be any room because of all the abbys! LOL!
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Here is another Abby that needs a new home:

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Hi there

As the proud mom of 2 RB's (I used to show one of them), I just thought I'd throw in my 2 cents worth.

Even my ex show cat was quite shy in comparison to other breeds, and he is quite a laid back cat for the breed, as they tend to be a tad high strung as well. Too smart for their own good, I think!

I'm really fond of Aby's as well, but before I decided on my second RB, I looked around, and, well... I figured another RB would be the best bet.

I think an Aby may be a bit too much for an RB. Aby's are quite outgoing, with a more active personality, in comparison to the average RB. The Aby may become top cat in no time, which may be upsetting to your RB (they're also a sensitive lot!)

At any rate, best of luck.

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