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I'm going to murder my cat...

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Well not literally murder...So my Siamese Ragdoll is a talker no doubt about it. But lately she has taken up about 6 am at clawing (not wrecking) just dragging her paws down my curtains, making annoyingly loud noises, and doing this pathetic cry. A few times I got up to see what she wanted. And as far as I could tell was nothing. Then I tried giving her treats, but stopped this because I didnt want her to associate me getting up in the middle of the night giving her treats cause shes crying to be a good thing. So I try squirting her with the water bottle. She usually leaves for a minute, then comes back.

Its an endless battle. It got to the point she was doing it about 4 am and I had an exam in the morning and needed sleep.
I placed her in the shower and wet her down. After she was dry she came to join me in bed, and fell right asleep. I know that sounds cruel but I was running out of options. Why does she do this and how to I stop her from doing this?

Another thing I dont get, both my cats are mine, but the bengal has come to liek my boyfriend more then me. Which is cool cause the Siamese and I are very close. But Neka (SIAMESE) doesnt like cuddling with me and when Kaia (BENGAL) comes into the picture. As soon as Kaia comes joins me and Neka, Neka actually leaves and waits till Kaia leaves until she comes to cuddle with me again. She also does this with food as well. IF shes eating and kaia comes to eat, Neka will leave and wait? Why does she do this?
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If she is just clawing your curtains, maybe just change the curtains or tie them up at night. Or take them down and put up blinds or something. Don't soak her in the bathroom, that is awful. How old is she? Is she spayed? If not she is probably in heat. If she is, she probably just wants attention and since she is a Siamese, she will always be vocal. Same with the Bengal. You could lock her out of the bedroom when you sleep too if she gets annoying.

Did you just get one of them? Maybe that is why they aren't completely comfortable around each other yet. Or that might just be their personality. I don't know which of the cats is which, but it sounds like Neka is submissive to Kaia. Kaia is the alpha cat in the home so Neka will submit to her.
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Neka is just about two.
Kaia is just about one.

We had neka for 7 months before we kaia. Neka is spayed and so is Kaia.

Those two do love each other beyond belief. They do have a love hate relationship though. Neka does play mother, always licking Kaia and grooming her. They do cuddle together all the time. Usually there cuddling after awhile ends up with them fighting. They love to play fight, but if it gets to extreme they stop. I have had to step in once and awhile because its gets to mean for my liking. My boyfriend thinks its all fun but theres only so much I can stand of them crying at each other.

Those two love to talk to me, and I often have a conversation with them.

With the rubbing paw thing (perhaps clawing) I do not know what to call it. Neka does it on everything. Not just my curtains. She will spends up to half an hour draggin her paws down my mirrors. Anything with a flat surface. She took this up about 2-3 months ago?
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I agree with Jen regarding the alpha cat issue. In regards to the "racket" she makes, I believe she is being the nocturnal normal active cat. 4 - 6 am are the peak hours for hunting and playing. She may adjust to your schedule as she grows older so in the meantime, lock her out of your room and put her favorite cat toys spread out around the house to keep her busy.
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If she is "rubbing her paws" in a similar fashion as she does when she covers her business in the litter box, then she is marking - this is territorial behavior and in the case of the mirror, completely normal. She sees what she perceives as another cat there and she is telling that cat that this is HER territory. When she does it at the window, she may smell other cats outside that particular window. Cats have scent glands in their paw pads. When they rub like that, they are depositing scent which is a behavioral trait of marking territory.
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Oh my word, please don't resort to such "discipline" as wetting her down in the shower, and please throw away the water bottle. The previous advice is correct, this is simply normal cat behavior.

Begin a routine..incorporate several interactive playtimes into your day. Before bed, have a big fun energetic play session followed by a lovely wet food meal. This will wear her out, offer a release for all that kitty energy, will be a very bonding experience for you each of you, give her the attention she is naturally craving, and then, the meal will leave her with a full tummy and increase the likelihood she will sleep more soundly through the night.

Both of my girlies, ages 1 1/2 and 12 years still often give me wake up calls at odd hours, it's just part of being a kitty Mommy, but with a little alteration in schedule, this may help you and your family's sleep patterns return a bit closer to normal, especially during these times when you very much require a full night's sleep.
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Get her a scratching post, make one, get a cat 'tree'. Cats have to scratch to condition their claws and if not allowed to do it anywhere, can be uncomfortable.
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First of all, dont make her wet. Cats do not have the oily skin that a dog has, and the reason they do not like water is because in the wild, if they get wet, they are as good as dead, since they will freeze.

Second, she is the alpha i would say. Licking is a privilige the alpha does with the other cats in my experience. I would say, since she is a siamese, and alpha, she demands your attention for herself, and does not like Kaia interfering.

As for the meowing at night. She wants you to get up and play with her. She s a creature of the night, but she also likes you around(being close to you and being siamese and all). Try playing with her before going to bed, allow her to catch some 'prey', feed her then, and let her groom and settle down.
This is their normal cycle in nature, and it ends with sleeping :P

You ll have more of a shot at getting some sleep yourself if she wants to sleep as well. Meanwhile, get yourself some earplugs, a scratching post, some feliway, and do NOT get up when she mrauws, not to punish, not to sweettalk, not to yell, not to do anything.
The worst thing you can do to a siamese is ignoring. And she will complain, loudly, but if you stick with it(and im talking about a month, maybe two, thats why i suggested earplugs), she will learn that this is just not the way to get your attention. And make her the center of attention in the morning, so she gets that that is the moment to come and ask for it.
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