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Not much.. some Jelly Bellies, a shirt, a couple JFK DVDs and Cold Case Files on DVD.
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Same thing as every year: something for the pets, lol. I'm wanting one of those water fountains for the girls, plus we could use one of those Booda Dome litterboxes (I think Molly could really benefit from it). Probably cheaper than a cat tree, which I want most of all, lol. For Jake I want a big thick mattress for him, preferably with arthritis benefits. Otherwise, he's pretty much set. And as an afterthought, I could use a Petsmart Gift Card, stock up on catnip and toys and books and such, lol

Other than that, I'm good with Gift Cards for book stores (like Chapters). I have a few movies I'm wanting to get, like the 10th Annniversary 3-movie Free Willy set (hehe) and a couple of others (The Deep End and Close Your Eyes). Truth be told, I'm a simple person to shop for, but everyone in my family hates shopping for me because they still don't know what the heck I want, lol (usually I just say, "Eh, a horse book" or something similarly unspecific, lol. They now demand my wishes printed out by hand, lol)

EDIT: forgot to add that I've been searching for Season 6 of the X-Files for the past two years. 2 Christmases ago all the stores were inconveniently out of stock, and only recently have I been seeing them around again. So I've pointed them out and am hoping my family remembers... lol, plus I want the recently released first season of Who's Line Is It Anyway, if anyone can find it, lol
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