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Update On Noel- Finally!

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Hi Everyone,

I am sorry I am just now giving an update. This has been a ride with Noel. I had to go out of town starting Wednesday of last week. I left Noel to board with my vet along with my other sick kitty Timber (breast cancer and renal failure at the same time) and my dog Koa who is too hyper to stay home with my pet sitter. I picked her up on Monday. I felt very happy because the kennel handler told me that she was eating on her own! Why did this make me happy, because while I was on vacation I called to check on her and I was told that my normal vet said he never expected her to eat again. That's an awful thing to hear while you are on vacation not to mention awfully absolute. When I got her home and started to pet her, she seemed thinner which made me wonder, did she really eat on her own or not? Then I started to notice clumps of fur with brown stuff in it. She had her feces stuck in her fur, on her tummy and on her feet. I also noticed she had cat litter and food stuck to her tummy too. I was very upset but I couldn't address it at that moment as I was already really late for work. I had to take her to her second chemo appt that evening. When they weighed her, she had lost weight which made me worry even more about whether they fed her or not. I had planned to give her a towel bath after her chemo appt but she got knocked down so hard from this treatment, I left her alone. To top that off, she managed to catch a cold while boarding along with my other kitty Timber.

Noel seemed to be getting worse as the night progressed and I feared she was having bad side affects to the chemo so at midnight I drove to the store and bought a thermometer to take her temp. I was so happy when I saw it was normal!! I left some voicemails for the Cancer center and waited to hear something. They have been great. I got a response the next day. Even though her normal vet was on vacation, the other vet was very responsive through the techs helping her out. They got Noel on some anti nausea meds and that evening, I am happy to report, she ate a tiny bit on her own!!!!! She seems in better spirits today- even hiding in the closet which contrary to normal sick kitty behavior is her normal, I am little monster behavior- which means she is feeling better. Every day that goes by I feel more and more as though I made the correct decision. After all, she is my little girl, my little princess, my baby! Well, truth be told, they all are! I am not out of the woods though. The vet said it would take 6 weeks before I know definitively if this made a difference. So please keep good thoughts for us. It certainly feels like we are going the right direction!

Oh yeah, on the boarding incident, I called and complained finally. The head vet was made aware of the situation and they will be talking to the staff there. I want to be sure I say though, this is the first incident I have ever experienced of this nature, normally they are great. In fact, Timber and Koa were both just fine when I picked them up. They were very apologetic- so here's to hoping it doesn't happen again.

Thank you so much to all of you that have been standing by my side through this tough time and tough decisions I have made. It has helped me tremendously knowing you would have done the same thing I am doing myself right now.

Sending you lots of love and wonderful wishes for the Happiest Turkey Day ever!
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I am so sorry to hear about your sweet Noel I know what it's like to have your baby sick, I will be praying for her
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Nothing turns our lives upside down and inside out like having our babies sick. You sound like you have BOTH hands full.

A double amount of loving headbuts and sooooothing licks from KittenKiya's Clan.
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I really appreciate your good thoughts and I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful girl Bella. She certainly was "bella". My heart is with you. I loss Blue Eyes in July and it is the most painful thing ever. We all send you a huge furry hug.

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Thank you for your lovings this morning. Yes, both hands are full but no more full than the love I got all these years from these cuties. So while I feel a bit exhausted, it's worth it! Thank you for all the headbuts...I love those moments!!! Happy Turkey day!

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