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Is he pissed at me?

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Hello everyone. I just found this forum, and I looked to see if this was covered in the aggressive cat behavior thread, but I didn't find exactly what I was looking for. My cat is nearly 8 months old. We had been bonding nicely, and then I went to India in September for 2 weeks, giving him to a friend. When I got back, he started doing this thing that he never did before--out of nowhere, his ears flatten back, his pupil dilate, and he meows at me, not in an aggressive way, but in a "you killed everyone i love" kind of way. I thought this was somewhat different from the aggression that was outlined in other threads. So, I thought he was pissed off at me for leaving him for 2 weeks, and bought him lots of toys and tasty treats, and even a leash to take him outside and get rid of some excess energy. It stopped for maybe a week, but now he's doing it again at even more random times, although less intense and frequent than before (like, say, 7 this morning while I'm getting ready for work.) It really makes me feel like I've done something horrible, as he looks really pathetic and sad when he's doing it. What am I doing??

This might be unrelated, but whenever I come home he's usually waiting at the door, as he can hear me coming. I would always pick him up to give him a hello hug, which he used to be fine with, but now he absolutely hates being picked up. He was always a bit aggressive before, but lately he's been taking lots of liberties...

Any suggestions guys?
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He doesnt want you to leave him anymore. my mike gets that way
On your down time really spend sometime with him and talk to him in a sweet voice. Mike and I spend the time I get home from work till the time i go to sleep together. Its our time and we both look forward to it and need it. (stress and all). Give your boy more one on one time. Finesse him a bit. Right before you leave for work give him a yummy treat and spend 5 minutes on the floor with him. thats all he might be asking for.

oh and WELCOME!
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Well I kinda thought that too, but he either ignores me or gets angry when I try to show him some petting affection. And then when he does the "I'm so sad" meowing, and I come over to him and try to be sweet to him, he leaps at me, not in the good way. I thought if I just persisted, he would eventually calm down, and he did, but now it seems to be getting worse again.

Thanks for your words though!
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ask your friend about his behavior. see if he displayed this form when he was with her (or him).
does your friend have children...sometimes children can be rotten to cats.
maybe your kitty needs a kitty buddie?
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Yes, it did start with her! But we both live alone, so there were no kids to be mean to the kitty. My friends loves cats as well, so nothing happened to him while with her. I think it was mostly the stress of going to her house, being with a stranger, then coming back, but I thought he would have been over it by now. I do think the cat gets lonely sometimes, but I am living abroad right now, and can really only think of taking 1 cat on an airplane with me back to the States. Otherwise I'd love to get him a playmate.
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