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New Kitty Update

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Hi I'm Stephanie. My kitten's name is Parker (hence my user ID). Parker was a stray that I acquired on Saturday. We went to the vet & turns out Parker is a boy. He has ear mites, the vet gave me ear drops to put in 2 times a day. He was dewormed. Now I have to wait a few weeks to get his shots, he's only 6 weeks old. I was told to put his cat bed up high, that doesn't seem to work. Any other suggestions?
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Hey Steph! Has she been eating and eliminating ok?
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Hi, Stephanie! Duh! I'm sorry, but I don't understand why the vet said to put his bed up high, or what that has to do with his ear mites. I know I must have missed something!! I'm glad you joined us here at the CatSite. If you have more problems, you might want to post them in the Health and Nutrition forum.

Do you have pictures of Parker? We're always anxious to see the kittens! Post often!
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Jeanie - Steph works with me. I told her that kittens feel comfy when the are looking down on things after she told me Parker slept on the top of the couch the 1st night. I put my kitties bed on the top of the hope chest. I was the one who told her about TCS.
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Hey, Adrienne, if Stephanie's a friend, why not tell her the truth? The kitties prefer to take over our beds, but they allow us a corner of it-- if we're nice and warm! It's nice that you brought Stephanie here!
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Yes, Parker is eating & eliminating sufficiently. He still is very tiny 1.8 lbs. I'll get a picture out very soon.

The position of the cat bed is something Adrienne suggested. It has nothing to do with his ear mites.

Unfortunately, my bed is off limits. Parker has all his claws and I have a waterbed.

This morning on the way out the door, Parker climbed into his pet carrier. I think he wanted to go to work too.
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At only 6 weeks old, and being a stray, I would think 1.8 lbs isn't too terribly small. He is still just a baby.

Thinking back, we had a waterbed when we first got our cats. Even with those little kitten needle-claws they never poked a hole in it, and we played on it (with comforters on it) every night, and they always slept with us. I don't think it was a special kind of mattress - just a water bag. I think they make them much tougher now than they used to. And we always made sure that we made the bed when we weren't in it so there was always comforters and pillows covering most all of it.

As for where to put his bed, I would just watch and see where he likes to sleep and put the bed in that area. Being that young, and a stray to boot, he may want to be more hidden when he's vulnerable sleeping.

Can't wait to see pics of little Parker. Most of us have to live with kittens vicariously through others here.
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If you add some canned food to his diet, he'll beef up rather quickly.
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Parker - I love that name! Can't wait to see pics of this little guy! When our last Russian Blue was a baby she slept with us in the bed (she'd wrap her body around my neck like a scarf!). Within a few weeks she would sleep up on top of a wardrobe near the bed in her little basket. She's scramble up there for every nap and felt secure and could see all that was going on down below.

Valanhb's right - just see what area the little fellow prefers and put his bed there. I guess given the fact that he has ear mites at the moment, it's probably not a good idea to encourage him to sleep with you anyway.

Good luck!

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