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female vs male cats

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A personal observation has been that female cats seem to be much more street smart then male cats? ANd take life a LOT more seriously? WHile male cats seem to be MUCH more careless acting as though the world is one big happy place

I also find male cats are much quicker to run into a strangers arms while female cats tend to be a bit mour cautious

Is it just me or do u alll find u have this experience?
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I think in general, you're right. Female cats tend to be more curious and independent, while males are more likely to take life as it comes and be perfectly happy as long as they have a lap to sit on.

But as with all things, the differences between individuals are still very strong.
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In my tnr experience, more toms are trapped than queens at a ratio of 5/1. Guess girls are smarter.
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Hummmm......I must have strange house then. NO ONE in my house runs to anyone arms for any reason. When strangers come in, I have watched 4 cats "pouff" into 8 different directions. I have 2 males and 2 females. I do notice that the females are a bit more crabby when it comes to sharing spaces. The boys just move over and let the other cat in.
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My little girl wouldn't last a minute on the street. She's just a little cuddlebug. I heard from the owner of the big male upstairs that he has a great deal of 'street smarts' and he walked into their (two-female-cat-occupied) house like he owned the place and taught one of the girls how to spar! I don't think the sexual differences matter as long as cats are spayed. In Jacques' case, he is twice the size of the females so he's alpha cat, but he's got a lot of noblesse oblige.
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My experience with female cats are they can be rather pissy :p (kinda like women LOL) while males are indeed more non chalant.

Although with Zoey, she loves to greet strangers, while Saki goes and hides under the bed. So I guess it really just depends on the individual cat!
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My Mitzee was not as friendly as the boys. The boys want to play with anyone or anything that moves. They run to the door when the bell rings...
Although Mitzee never hid...she preferred our company and didnt like strangers hanging on her
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Currently, I have two boys, and one female. Ripley, my little torti girl, is far more aloof and distrustful of strangers than Captain Steuben or Fergus. She DEMANDS my attention, only when SHE wants it, whereas Fergus and Steuben are sloppily affectionate at all hours of the day. They're like little lovey-blobs. Ripley has the whole "diva" thing going on, and definitely knows she's a girlie girl! I just love them all.
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My males have all been more cuddly and more outwardly friendly... Kandie is only known by a few people at 18.5 yrs some old freinds go when did you get a cat...lmao....

Zoey is my cat - dog and greets the world ... She is NOT a cuddler
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I've mostly had males except skittish suzie, until I got my new girl Tribbles.. She is the sneakiest cat I have ever met, and crazy!! I know she still is a kitten but this girl loves to prowl on Zak, and would make a good hunter too.. So I think she is pretty street smart.
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I think it just depends. When i was a teenager my dad and now exstep mom had 13 cats. 12 girls and one boy. The boy doesnt count in this (he had brain damage) but the 12 girls, let me tell you i have never seen so many different aspects of cats. Some of em were wild and rambuctues (even at the age of 17) no care in the world, no sense of common sense rofl. Than some were very maticulas, very picky, very serious. So i think it depends on the animal not the sex. The males(not brain damaged) i have come across , some where maticulas and serious(after getting out of the kitten phase). So i think it just depends.
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