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Never know what to expect from those cats

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I was eating a baked sweet potato today. Muffin and Speedboat were begging for some of it so I gave them each a small piece. They ate it up and begged for more. I guess they were having their Thanksgiving dinner early. Anyone else have cats that like sweet potatoes.
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Not sweet potatoes, but I do have one who will fight you for the broccoli
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It is always the thing you least expect your cat to like.
I mean i had NO idea stewie would like sour patch kids....i mean he steals them outta the bag!
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That is so cute...mine are weird about people food..I LOVE the name Speedboat!!!
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i have a cheese thief, never leave a bagel with cheese laying around without a armed guard.

i had a old kitty that loved pork rinds haha
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Tavia won't touch people food. Which is strange in itself
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I've caught Bobby - more than once, sitting on the dryer watching ground beef (minced beef) cook (this is his very favourite meat), but thankfully he never went for it - I guess he realised it was too hot and dangerous.

But pumpkin? That time I caught him trying to get into the pot with it, and he fought me all the way to the bedroom to get back at it (obviously, I had to close Mr. Insane up so it wasn't boiled pumpkin with kitty).
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Persil will steal any left over potatoes - sweet or normal ones. She usually takes a few bites and then leaves them on the floor. But she will sell her soul for any sort of cheese!
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Nope, Trout doesn't even know what human food she likes, she has never had any of it
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Ari loves bread - usually croissants. He also likes roast beef - but only out of mom's sandwich. (She's a sucker for a fuzzy face. )

RB kitty Minx was our cheese lover - especially cheese curls.
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While making pumpkin pies last night I discovered that Pumkin (one of my fosters) likes pumpkin. I had openned the can of pumpkin and turned around to get the eggs and he had his head in the can purring away. Good thing I had another can of pumpkin!
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I dropped good and plenty type candy on the floor last night and found Suzie playing with it.. She actually put it in her mouth for a bit but decided it made a good play thing.. The only thing that has surprised me was Zakk licking up the tomato sauce from spaghetti, probably because it was very cheesy!!
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Sor far, Quill has only tested cheddar cheese and coffee yoghurt, I've given him roast beef but he tried it and made a face.

Tucson, my RB boy, LOVED coffee yoghurt, give it to him and he loved you forever. Then again, he loved everything., he would always push himself in front of your food and keep purring until you relented. He also loved shrimp tails, broccoli, pasta, cauliflower, cheese, and blueberries.
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Originally Posted by Bella713 View Post
That is so cute...mine are weird about people food..I LOVE the name Speedboat!!!
Speedboat was originally named Simba. But he was so funny running and tearing around the house, hubby started calling him Speedboat. That name stuck. Speedboat's favorite food in all the world is popcorn. You can toss him a piece and he will catch it before it ever hits the floor. He is my sweetheart now that Max is gone.
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