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Maine Coon?

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I think that my kitty may be part if not full Maine Coon. (or maybe she's just a chubby. . .very chubby. . .DLH) Anyone have any idea?

(not sure how to post pictures)
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thats a link to a pic of a kitty that looks like yours with just diff colors...looks like it kinda..they have that very special mainecoon tale ya know...supper puffy and those large ears.

but more so like a DLH
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Personally, I do not know but, is that a tuxedo that cat is wearing?
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He looks more like a DLH to me but he sure is beautiful!!
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She loves her Tuxedo- it hides the rolls! (lol!) AND it's only natural that such a natural entertainer would wear a tux.
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Beautiful kitty, not sure on the breed though!

Originally Posted by Persi View Post
Personally, I do not know but, is that a tuxedo that cat is wearing?
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She's beautiful, looks like a DLH to me
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Cute cat!
My cat is a main coon so maybe I can help you. MC's have very particular character traits...almost canine in fact....for example they seem to be like guard cats, they hate the postman, in fact mine waits for the post to drop thru so she can start to attack it, they are very territorial, they are also very good hunters. Also another MC trait is they love to talk (cat talk of course)

Now anyone can say their cat does the above too...but Main's are also very big and stocky animals, they look fat but in fact they are heavy boned and long haired. Also their faces tend to be more rounded than pointy.

Maybe your cat is part MC???
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Main traits are round eyes, and tufts of hair on the tips of their ears and on their paws between their toes. Their tails are way bushy, and the under coat is longer than the top.

Distinctive sound too, not a "meow", more of a high pitched chirp
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Luvly cat. Seems all dressed up for dinner *
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She's very pretty! Kinda looks like a longhaired version of my cat:
Sneakers also has a full tuxedo, including what looks like a vest, and a cummerbund! She also has a moustache. Too bad she's a girl.

I'd guess your cat's a large DLH rather than a Maine Coon mix, but it's very hard to say for sure...

Just wanted to add this photo of a tuxedo Maine Coon:

(this is the mother of the kitten I am getting next month!)
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Well it depends on where in the bloodline the maine coon is as to how many obvious traits you will see. I never would have pegged Kirra to have maine coon in her line but the vet informed us last visit that she does. Based on her bone structure(the skull alone has a distinctive trait) how fast she is growing and certain areas of her body that have long hair (she has normal sized ears but they have the tufts of hair , the backs of her legs have the hair and her underbelly has the longer hair and its very very soft compared to the rest of her body). He said that its probley 2-3 generations back but its there enough for her to have the elongated body. She is only 6 months old and already almost 9lbs and is already well over 30inches fron the tip of her nose to the tip of her tail (i will have to get hub to help me do an exact measure, she was still a bit srunched).

So when in doubt as your vet, they should be able to tell.
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IMO he's a mix - probably no maine coon that I can see. Technically he's a black/white bicolor. The term "tuxedo" should not be used as people think its a breed or
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well Iร‚ยดm not an expert I dont know.....but she such a beautiful girl
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Thank you for your help everyone. I told Kina that you all think she's beautiful, and now she's walking around here with a HUGE head.
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I usually say "tuxedo" instead of "bicolor" because people just give me funny looks if I say "bicolor" (they have no idea what I mean!) Either that or they think of a different pattern when I'm specifically talking about the type or markings that look ike the cat is wearing a tuxedo. :P
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I have a 1/2 Maine Coon and they are very distinct breeds with very characteristic traits. They have tufts of hair between their paws and tufts of hair coming out from the ears. They like to help you with projects too. They have a large vocabulary of different meows and chirps. The vet could probably tell you though. My vet figured my cat out, all I knew at first was that he was very large and had a very bold personality. One of the best cats I've ever owned as far as a loyal friend.
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Hi, everyone, I'm new here and was just browsing some of the posts and thought I'd reply to this one. My husband and I have two purebred male Maine Coons and it's my guess that your kitty is either a mix or a DLH. Here is a website that might help you to determine whether or not your cat has MC character traits.

Hope this helps!

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ive been wondering the same thing about Chloe. one vet said MC, the other said siberian. i think she's a MC.

some of the pictures are from when she was a kitten and others are dark cuz my camera is crappy. feel free to admire patches too. she has her own folder. we think shes a Wegie but its hard to tell from her pics. she has extremely curly belly hair and is soft like chenille whereas chloe is a little coarse with smoother hair.

enjoy admiring my babies!

sorry i cant get thie link thingy to work for me
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