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What happpened to....

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Lil_Axl_Gurl ? I haven't seen her on for AGES!
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hmmm...good question. I remember her name, but she is not someone I "know". You know who else I wonder about? Big-Cat-Fan (sarah). If ya'll remember right, she posted a thread back near the beginning of October and we haven't heard from her since.


Kind of makes me worry.................
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I don't see momof3rugratz around for a long time... Wonder how skittles kittens turned out in the end..
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And ButterflyDream
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I've been gone a little bit, but I think I remember she had a lot of personal stuff going on and she said she may be taking a break from TCS.. She then left and came back for a bit.. Certainly hope all is well with her.
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This is the Internet and people drift in and out, all of the time.
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Originally Posted by katl8e View Post
This is the Internet and people drift in and out, all of the time.
I don't drift out at all..
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Actually, you did for a while Natalie. You didn't have a computer at home, and couldn't access TCS from work.
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Lil_Axl_Gurl said on another forum that she was banned from this site for naming one of her teachers in a post. Since she was less than honest a few times on the other forum, I have to wonder how much truth there is in that.
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On the subject of seemingly missing members, we have thousands of members, so there are also many reasons why people seem to disappear from the forums. Sometimes people lose access to a computer. Some people have what I would call a "burn time" and just stop posting because they get bored or due to other unknown reasons. Sometimes they stop posting for awhile and then come back. Some people are too busy with work, life or school. These last three things are the most common reason why people seem to disappear. The least common are people who didn't follow the rules, (on a continuous basis) and got banned. There are also those who feel disgruntled and leave without us banning them, which is also very rare. Nevertheless, it's our policy not to discuss members who possibly fit into these last two categories. It's also not fair either, as it may not be true. That person may be absent for any of the other reasons above. If you want to know how a member is doing, you should contact that person privately through pm's or email. This is one of our oldest rules. People love getting mail from people they know. I know I do.
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