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Runny Nose

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Milo has had a runny nose lately. Is it normal for a cats nose to be so runny it will drip? It's gross and it keeps dripping in gross spots. Like last night it dripped on the bed. I really don't have money right now to go to the vet so I was wondering if anyone knows if its a problem or not.
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It sounds like it could be an URI, but you should take Milo to the vet, he could prescribe antibotics.
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It does sound like an upper respiratory infection. It's contagious and needs antibiotics to get rid of. The sooner you get your baby there, the better for him. I hope he gets to feeling better really soon!! Sending lots of your way!

Many hugs,
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Nope, it is not normal for a cat's nose to drip like that. Sounds like an upper respiratory infection and if it is, your baby will need antibiotics. Healing headbuts and fix that nose licks from KittenKiya's Clan.
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