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Anyone here alergic to cats?

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I am....I met my wife 3 years ago and she had a cat. Back then Before I met her I use to house sit for a friend who had 2 cats...I wouldnt last 30 minutes in there before I couldnt breathe!

Right now our bed room is cat free...Im almost immune to them with an occasional flare up. Im so happy that some how I can exist with them...we have 3
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I am allergic to everything including the Eight I have grass, trees, dust, dogs, Hey you can't give up everything you Love we learn to blow alot I have an air purifier in the master bedroom but what goods that when I have to be all over the house
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I used to only react (swollen eyes, sneezing, ect.) to certain cats. But since I now live with so many, the cats that used to bother me (my MIL's Morris) don't any more. It took about a year and a half for this to happen, but I am much happier now.
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Yep, definitely allergic to cats. Depending on the breed/coat length and dander. I get itchy eyes, stuffy nose, headaches and sneezing.
I have more than 20 bengals though, with no problems. For me it depends on the cat.
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Yes, I am very allergic to them.I have 5 of them in my house and the only way I get through each day is by taking Clairitan.Some days it's not bad,but others it's REALLY bad.
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I'm only allergic to certain cats. Even the one's I am, its not that bad of a reaction, just some sneezing and watery eyes. Luckily the cats I have now don't seem to be a problem.
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I always suspected I was allergic to cats but was never tested. A few years ago I started having other problems that led me to an allergist and now it's official, I am allergic to both cats and dogs. I have one of each and plan to keep it that way.
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My husband is allergic. For a while after we were married we didn't have any cats, and it was awful! We keep the cats out of the bedroom and invested in good air filters and a good vacuum and things. Our girls are 1 1/2 now and DH's allergies seem to be less than when he was first around them. We used to use a waterless allergy bath product, but lately I notice even without doing that, he seems ok.
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I'm alergic to cats (suposedly) and dogs but I've never had much of a reaction. Every once in a while I'll come across a cat that causes me to sneeze but other than that I don't have any reaction most of the time. Maybe I've just built up an immunity now.
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I'm allergic to cats and I'm also allergic to every tree in North America except red maple, every grass I was tested for, etc. etc. My allergist said they encounter someone like me every ten years!

What the heck, it would be ridiculous to get rid of our kitties because I'm allergic to them.

Cheers, from
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My FI and I are both allergic to cats. He used to be worse off -- he'd be stuffed up, red-eyed and itchy-skinned within minutes -- but after six years of living with a variety of cats, he seems to have developed a tolerance for them and now only occasionally has problems (usually when there are already other things bothering his allergies, like ragweed or dust). For me, I find my allergies aren't so bad at all, except that sometimes if I'm petting my cats and then touch my eye, or get cat fur in my eye, my eyes will get red and very, very itchy, and will have to be flushed with water. Also, although I normally heal quite quickly from most cuts and scrapes (which is a good thing, because I'm incredibly clumsy), it takes me longer to heal from cat scratches or bites, no matter how well I clean out the wounds. Part of it is due to the bacteria in the cat's mouths and on their claws, and part of it is due to my allergies. The only scars I have are from animal bites or scratches.
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mine can get bad at night. I carry around an inhaler with me now...I usually use it in the night. am i stupid or just an animal lover?
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John your not stupid!! You love your kitties!!
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My wife. And we have a longhaired cat but I brush the $#@!$% out of the cat every day so there is no hair around the house whatsoever and by golly, it has been working out fine. But don't worry, I am not being mean, just a little rough and he accepts it just fine cause he gets a special treat at the end. If I did not do this, we could not have a longhaired cat around my wife.
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