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We Have To Travel, It Will Be Either A 5 Day Drive Or 1 Day Flying & Driving

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Because of work, we are relocating to a new state and it will take us 5 days to get there by car, OR 1 days travel by car and plane.

I'm reluctant to put me babies in cargo, but having them cramped in a carrier under the seat that would be in front of us for hours seems harsh. I'm reluctant to have them fly at all! I'm already worried something would happen to them, like getting lost or stolen, they ARE cuties! ... I know...I know...I'm just a WEE bit paranoid

But a 5 day drive seems extreme too, and at the end of it, I know I WILL be EXHAUSTED.

Anyhow, have any of you ever travelled such a great distance by air or car with your kitties? What has been your experience?

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Extreme Kitty Lover
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I haven't traveled any distance with my cats other than a short move across town so I can't help you there. Just wanted to say good luck with whichever way you choose to go. Where are you moving to?
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How many cats do you have? You must be going really far if it takes 5 days!

I have never done this but... do you have room in your vehicle for a small cage? Maybe it could hold a small litterbox and a couple of cat beds. If you stop at cat-friendly hotels, you kitties could run around the room for the night. Just an idea.

Please post on what you decide to do and how it goes. People are always asking about travelling with their cats here -- so, it is nice to hear from someone who has actually done it.
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Hi, we will be travelling from Columbus, GA (close to Atlanta, well 1.5 hrs drive away) to Bellingham, WA, 1.5 hours north of Seattle.

We have two babies <grins> one a 8 mos old maine coon and a 3 mos old maine coon. Both are gorgeous! The older one, Rascal, has beautiful gold markings, he reminds me of a black & gold tiger, and the younger one, Samson, is black with silver markings. They are both males and they are both very affectionate and playful.

We do have an SUV so there would be no problem for a small cage, cat beds and litter etc. I don't think find pet friendly hotels should be much of a problem. We could buy a covered tupperware type of container to act as a temporary litter box.

At this point, although five days on the road is going to be trying, we are leaning more that way. The thought of my two babies stressing out with fear in the plane's cargo hold is not pleasant. I still cringe when I remember the look on Rascal's face when I had to bring him in to get neutered. When I left him in that cage, he got this sick look in his eyes, this look of fear and confusion, like all of a sudden the rug got pulled out from under him. When I saw him the next day, he was still recovering from the anesthesia, and the minute he heard my voice he looked up at me with this shocked yet joyful look, like he was saying "Whaat! She's here! She came back for me!" and he was crying, poor lil thing.

So, I don't know if I can hand them over to strangers & leave them in the cargo hold. Although, everything could turn out ok. I'm just more worried of losing them somehow.

I think that by going by car, yes it would be stressful to them, but they would have the reassurance of being with us.

Oh goodness, what we wouldn't do for our cats.
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A friend of mine just drove from New York (Westchester) to Los Angeles with his wife and Tigger, his cat. It took them five days.
He told me it was no trouble at all; the cat simply slept in the carrier in the back seat. They slept night at a Motel 6, which allows pets; and the cat used her box there.
Your mileage may differ...but either driving or having the cat in the carry on luggage is superior to putting it in a cargo hold.
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Kandie has made three multi state moves ( two = to half country moves ) ... She had a small litter box , and her carrier and was fine ....

Gigi made a multi state move with Kandie this last time ... she is a SPOILED yorkie but did fine in her carrier
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