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I come from a Jewish family, but I still believed in Santa when I was little, because our family also celebrated Christmas. I believed in Santa until I was 10, and when my mother finally told me the truth, I sobbed. It just broke my heart. I thought I could never enjoy Christmas again, however after that, I found the joys of hunting for the hiding places for presents. When I'd find them, I'd open up the packages and play with things, then I'd try to wrap them back up and put them back in the hiding places. Sometimes I'd do this for several days before Christmas. I remember one year one of my gifts was a record that I wanted. Well, I'd played it several times before Christmas. I don't remember how I got past the fact that the shrink wrap was no longer on it, but I wasn't questioned about it.
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Santa lives in the house behind my Grandparents. He rides in the float in the parade and even disappears on Christmas eve.
If he dosn't exist where did he go and what is he doing!?
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My Da used to play Santa for the local infants school my sisters went to, he was sacked after suffering severe depression...

Apparently there was a sanity clause to the contract

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I don't remember exactly when I realized Santa wasn't real, but I know my parents put in a lot of work making him seem real. The milk and cookies would always be gone, the carrot for the reindeer would have teethmarks in it (of course I wasn't old enough to realize that reindeer and humans have very different teeth!), and there would be hoofprints on our front porch. I'm 28 and me and my 25-year-old sister still get presents from Santa, as do both my parents (and I imagine my FI will this year, too, because he'll be with me and my family for Christmas); typically presents from Santa are a bit more fun and frivolous than the rest of our presents -- not that we get serious, grim things for Christmas, but gifts from Santa tend to be more unexpected, things we would never imagine someone buying for us but that we really wanted.

In my hometown, where my parents still live, the man who plays Santa Claus in the parade and at the mall goes to my mother's church. Every year my family goes to the Christmas Eve service; aside from my mother none of us are religious, but the service is very family-oriented and fun, and it's become tradition for us. One year our next-door neighbours were sitting with us, and their son was four at the time. He saw Mr. Birch -- Santa Claus -- sitting in a pew a few rows ahead of us and cried out "Look! Santa's here!" (Mr. Birch looks like Santa Claus all year 'round, complete with white beard and large belly). It was so cute, because his parents were trying to explain to him that yes, Mr. Birch sure looked like Santa, but no the real Santa was already out delivering presents to children around the world.
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for those of your who are interested...............a web about The History of Santa


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My brothers and I are 40, 36 and 31 and still get stockings, but Mum is so much less mystical about it now. She just says, `What do you want in your stocking this year?' or `That'll be good for your stocking' and then when we all turn up on Christmas morning she hands us festive paper bags with small gifts in them. Paper bags!! Talk about taking the magic out of it!!
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