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Kitten Spayed and ANGRY

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We just got our loveable little kitten back from the Vet today after she was spayed and she wants nothing to do with us (no longer loveable). She is part abyssinian and she used to love us, now she just sits on the floor and yells at us. We have offered her one of the cat beds and she just growls at us. Is this normal after spaying, or is something not right. I hope she is not like this forever, because she was so loving. Any help would be appreciated.
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Sounds like she might be in pain, did the vet give you any pain meds for her?
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Leave her be ... provide her with a warm, safe nesting place to regroup and regain her bearings but let her stay to herself. If you have post-op instructions to give pain medication, do so as per the instructions.
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Yes, and we were told to giver her some at 7, which is really soon and more tomorrow morning.
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I would expect her to be out of sorts for a few days. A spay is a major surgery. After a week she should be getting back to herself. 2 weeks of recovery is typical.
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This sounds normal.Shes hurting and shes scared.Shes been to the vets a complete stranger. Strange smells and other animals. Shes had major surgery.Give her a few days of rest and quiet and soon she should be back to her normal self.
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Double yes to all the above. Your baby doesn't know what happened to her or why......and she's not sure you won't do it again.

If she is aggressive, just keep her in her room, or in a carrier for a while. Then later on, you can pet her. In the meantime, use your voice to talk to her and soothe her.
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i wasnt real friendly after i was spayed either....
she'll come back around
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LOL @ that last post.

Hopefully soon she will be feeling better and back to her old self! Sending healing vibes!
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Yes its normal. They just had surgery - it HURTS!. Ling was very upset when she came home (she actually had to be "spayed" twice) and she hissed and growled at us. So we just left her alone - in 2-3 days she was back to her normal self
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