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Wednesday DT

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This is going to be one of those weeks. My supervisor is taking an extra long weekend so she is busting her butt to get everything done. Of course, when she busts her butt, she thinks she has to bust mine, too.

Earl is finally finding out that when something looks too good to be true, it probably is. The wonderful company that hired him without even so much as looking at a resume, promoted him to manager by seeing him one day in store, he thinks is probably going under. Big surprise, but I could never tell him that they weren't making good business decisions. They don't have enough money to keep the store stocked with merchandise, they closed the store with no notice for 3 days to "remodel", but when Earl went back almost nothing had been done, they still haven't given him a pay rate, and they are being sued by the former owner's creditors who were never paid. I'm really wondering if he will even get paid for all the work he's done in the past two weeks. So it is probably back to square one. The only good thing is that Christmas season in retail will be starting in about a month, so he should be able to get another job soon.

Sorry for the rant...does this cr@p ever end? I swear I just cannot get ahead in life, at least not since I met him.
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Heidi, looks like a lot of us are getting a long weekend. Too bad, about Earl's job. You're right, about the Christmas rush, though. I wish Walgreen's would hire extra help. We don't have enough, now.

Today is my Friday. Got a four-day weekend, payday AND my alimony check is due. All that's coming out, this week, is my share of the household and a credit card pmt. Bill and I are going to goof off and take it easy.

I'll have to work Monday but, its double time.
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Heidi - sorry about the hubby's job! I hope he gets something quickly!
Cindy have a great long weekend.

I have to work until Friday, but then I am on holidays for the next week. We will spend some quiet time at the cottage - the hubby really needs it. He did not quit his job, but he is taking a few extra weeks holiday.

I got a phone call this afternoon from the doctor's office about the tests I had last week (blood, ekg etc) and they want me to go talk to the doctor about the results. They won't say anything over the phone, so I am going tomorrow morning. I hope every thing is ok!

I think that the hubby wants to go to the track tonight. I don't know if I have the energy. We'll see.

I hope everyone is having a good day.

Debby - how is Amber doing - you haven't given use any updates lately. Also how are you recovering?
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Today has been a really boring day so far. I only have 1 more day of work, then I have a 5 day weekend. I took Friday and next Tuesday off so I could have an extra long labor day weekend.

In about 1 hour a few of us at work are throwing a surprise baby shower for one of our coworkers. That should be a lot of fun and I look forward to eating cake!
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Ady, I hope the tests come back OK. At least you can get in to see him tomorrow morning. Waiting and not knowing is the worst part. If you are anything like me, you would be thinking of the worst case of everything...and then be relieved when it's not that . You will be in my thoughts, though. Keep us posted.
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Adrienne's right!! It's time we got a report on Amber--how she's sleeping, if she's sleeping, how soft she is, how she gets prettier every day, and how Debby's doing. I think, as unofficial Aunts and hall pacers, that we deserve very frequent updates! Come out, come out, wherever you are, Debby!

Heidi, that's a darned shame! Please try to have faith, and know that things will work together for good!

Cindy, One of the biggest retailers that we all know and don't shop in is going out of business. Why? EVERY single time I have gone in, the store is nearly empty. There is only one register open, and I have waited as long as an hour for someone to help me purchase a lawn swing, a good sized purchase. People get tired of the managers pinching pennies and giving the public poor service as a result. When the public starts staying away in droves, and the prices and products are ok, why don't the powers that be get the message? The worst of it is that the chain I'm thinking of bought out Hill's, which was always busy, with good reason.

Adrienne, I'll be praying for you to get good results!
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Ah, but Jeanie you've touched on the very pivital point where the retail store has no option but to go out of business. If the people are not coming in, will the managers hire more personnel? No, they will cut back further since the store is not profitable thereby frustrating the few customers they have left. No where in business operations will they spend more money on a store that is losing money, no matter that it was their fault to begin with. The good stores will keep getting customers, and the bad will go under - even within the same chain. Of course, corporate offices often seem to lack any knowledge about customers at all. When Earl was working at Toys R Us, they were taking hours away from his, profitable, store to give to the stores that were in the process of closing. Didn't make sense to me, but I guess that's why I'm not in charge.
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Heidi, so sorry to hear about Earl's job!!

And Ady, I will be thinking of you tomorrow when you get your test results...I will say a prayer that everything is okay...please let us know!!!!

Amber is doing great!!!! She is healthy and strong and cute as a button!!!! She is so sweet!!! And I love the way she smells!!! Don't babies just smell the best!!???!!! (Except when she needs her diaper changed...:LOL: )

I spent most of today sleeping since she kept me up all night. She is sleeping now.

I had my blood pressure checked yesterday, and it is still high.

A friend stopped by today with a huge bunch of flowers for me and Amber...they are beautiful!!! It really brightens the place up!!
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Forgot to add...there is still no sign of Sheena.
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Seems like forever since I've posted!

It's pretty hectic at work right now and I do not have the time to check in during the day very often. I do come in and sneak a peak and then promise myself I'll write 'later'. Never seems to happen. I have 2 projects on the go. Of course, both are due at the same time! Some weeks are pretty quiet and others are, well,...not.

Steven is still sick. Come to find out today that the pneumonia shot he got last year is a once in a lifetime thing. He will not be getting another one. I feel so bad for him when he's not himself. Called my doctor today and they are booked solid. If there is a cancelation, they will call me. Since he hasn't had a fever, they are not too worried but I have been told to go straight to emergency if he gets worse. He is coughing steady now but it seems to be loosening up.

Ady....I hope things go well. Being told that you need to meet with the doctor to discuss results can make anyone nervous but I think it's just the principal of the matter. It doesn't necessarily mean it's bad news, it just means that whoever called has no authority to tell you anything. I'll keep you in my prayers tonight!

Heidi, I'm so sorry for your hubby. it does seem at times that when it rains, it pours. Everything happens for a reason. I hope this means that there are better times ahead for you. Don't get discouraged.

Debby, glad to know all is well. Flowers are definately an instant pick-me-uper! That was so sweet of your friend. Sorry about Sheena.

Have a good night everyone!
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Ghys..I really hope Steven gets to feeling better...poor little guy!!! I will add him to my prayers again tonight. Keep us posted on how he is!
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