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Pru Day Anniversary!!!

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It is officially one year since we trapped Pru and made her our third cat.
This has been quite a year for us:

Pru bit Blaine, was put in quarantine with us, after trapping her.
She lived under our futon in the spare room for three months, the last two with a screen door on so she could see the Clio and Sam.
I think she knows all the words to "Dear Prudence", I sang it every day when she was under the futon. Hmmm, maybe that's why she was under there so long.
She advanced to living under the sofa in the living room.
She started jumping on the bed to be petted, but only when we were totally horizontal, no sitting up!
The scar the vet thought was from a spay, was indeed NOT, after three nights of howling this spring.
She chases Sam around, playing with him, and head butts Clio out of the way when she wants petted.

Those are the highlights. Pru is a delightful tabby, about 6 years old and she has gone from 6 lbs to about 7.5 lbs, she's a happy girl.
She still runs from any noise or sudden movements. She is seen in the day around the house, but runs if approached. She started sleeping in our bed most of the night about two weeks ago. We recently had a dog visitor for three weeks, who slept with us and she did not let that get in the way of getting her nightly pets from us. She sniffed that dog in the nose and decided they could peacefully co-exist. Brave girl.

We adore her and are so glad we brought her in last year. If I hadn't found TCS that evening, I think we would have let her back out after trapping her. She was one wild, bouncing off the wall cat and I did not know a thing about feral cats. It was pretty scary and I didn't know what to do next. I thought strays were ferals. I was so glad to get all the advice on this part of TCS, what a godsend.

Thanks for reading this, sorry it's long, but Pru has become a wonderful member of our family, and we're celebrating today, feel free to join us.

Yeah, all that!

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Thats awesome!!!
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What a beautiful story! I love reading about ferals living inside, finding their peace, happiness and safe home. Bless you for helping this girl. It sounds like the rewards are starting to pay off
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What a great story. Happy Anniversary to Pru, and Happy TCS Anniversary to you
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Happy Anniversary to you and Pru! I love to hear about people taking a chance on feral cats, giving them the time and patience they need to feel safe and secure and helping them overcome their fear of humans. You've done a wonderful job with Pru. She sounds like a very special girl!
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That is a truly beautiful story. Thanks for sharing and Happy Anniversary to Pru, you and Blaine.

PS - Please give Sammy a big, fat, slobbery kiss from me. I just want to grab that little face and ................
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