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Happy Thanksgiving

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To all our cats that are over the Rainbow Bridge. I can see them all, looking over this way, watching us cook, waiting for the giblets, and somebody to drop something.....then I see The Master setting down a feast before each one, their exact favorite thing that we gave them, and as our beloved children sit down to their Thanksgiving feast, they bow their heads and meow their thanks to God for the people that loved and cared for them and got them to the Bridge.

Ever see a bunch of cats have a food fight, it is a sight to behold........

no grownups to tell them to stop..........
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This is so beautiful it made me just BURST into tears - and I don't have a cat at RB, just a dog nephew, good old JoeDog who passed last month(we miss you, Joe!!! )

Bless all of YOU who have RB animals, and in your sorrow, be thankful for the love you shared with them.

Happy Thanksgiving little ones!
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Oh this is very sweet!! Thanks
I know my Sweet Beautiful Bella is looking down on me and knows how much I adore her and miss her, Happy Thanksgiving Mommy's Sweet Girl!
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what a wonderful day they will be having

Have a great Thanksgiving Day Rainbow Bridge Family - you are all very much loved and missed
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Aw, rest in peace, all you special ones that had to go so soon.
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That's lovely. Bless you kitties!
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How sweet! Happy Thanksgiving to all the RB babies!

I miss you Babygirl so very much!
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We don't do thanksgiving in the UK, but i know that all your special babies over at Rainbow Bridge will be looking down on you today while giving thanks for having you all in their lives

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Neither do we here in Romania. Yet, I put two huge turkey wings in the oven and I thought of my sweet Nena, how she would have enjoyed that tasty meat!!!
Bless all the RB kitties. And all the wonderful people on this forum for supportig each other in our sorrow!
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