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Friend's adopted kittens with URI, one sneezed blood

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My friend just recently adopted two 8 week old kittens from the shelter, and they came with URI. They seemed to be eating normal and are both playful. However, the skinnier kitten seems to have a more serious case of URI, and my friend noticed there were red drops on the carpet when the kitten sneezed.

They are currently on clavamox right now. I'm just wondering if there's anything else that she can do to make the kitties feel better. And with the holidays coming up, it'll be hard to get any vet appointments. The vets around her area do not accept any walk-ins.

Any advice appreciated, thanks!
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Oh my, I'd be concerned seeing blood. If they are on clavamox I'm assuming a vet has already seen them. Can you not just call their office and explain the situation?
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First try calling the vet and just speaking to someone there. If you have to, leave a message.

We went through this when we adopted our cat last year. Because the air was so dry and she was so congested, sometimes when she sneezed, her nose would bleed. Confine the cat to one room with all ammenities (if possible) and start a vaporizer going. If your friend doesn't have a vaporizer, take the kitty into the bathroom with her, shut the door. Turn on the shower as hot as it will go and let the room get nice and steamy. Sit in there with the kitty until she can't stand it anymore.

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Yeah...my friend took both kittens to the vet a few days ago.

i just talked to her a few minutes ago, she brought the kitten to the vet again. The vet took a couple of xray's, and apparently her lungs were filled with fluid and nasal was inflammed. The blood vesels broke and resulted in the blood drops when she sneezed i think she increased her clavamox dosage, and i'm not sure what else was prescribed. i'll have to get more details from her, and get her to post pics of her furbabies here.
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A little blood is by no means normal but it's also not a terribly big deal - it's not that much different from if you get a little nosebleed when you have a cold.

If a cat is still sneezing blood after being on Clavamox for a few days, though, it may be time to change antibiotics. Doxycycline and Zithromax are often successful if Clavamox doesn't work.
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