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I haven't read any of the thread here as I'm a bit of an over-sensitive person! But wanted to share with you about my old cat from many years ago.
she was called Smudge and adopted us back in the nineties. She appeared a few days on the run sitting in our shelves at side of the porch and soon was a member of the family. She was my best friend (I was 10 when she foudn us and stayed with us until I went to Uni (1998 or so).

I missed a visit home one weekend as i wasn't feelin too strong mentally (have depression) and a few days later, found out she had dies suddenly.

I was obviously upset, as I'd missed my last chance to see her and rushed home from Uni for the weekedn to bury her.

It turns out the vet thinks she was poisoned by a slug pellet, she died as they put the drip into her.
It took me many years to get over her and it still makes me sad and angry thinkin of how she died. But soon after swearing I would never have a nother cat as it was too painful, I found Misky and he is every bit a similar cat to Smudge but different enough to be a gorgeous new addition to the family.

If I've learnt anythign formthe whole experience, it's that when they go, it's their time and I know she'sstill around. U may think me weird, but every so often there are little reminders I'm not expecting.

That's all really. So I would say, if u use slug pellets, please buy one that doesn't kill animals. Hope that doesnt' bother anyone too much, but I wouldn't want this to happen to anyone else!
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I'm so sorry, that's so sad how you never got the chance to say goodbye to Smudge and what a horrible way to go

Know that Smudge will be waiting at the other side of Rainbow Bridge when the time is right and your friendship can carry on from there forever

Misky sounds wonderful, and who knows if Smudge didn't have a part to play in sending Misky to you!

Hope your having a wonderful time over at Rainbow Bridge Smudge, and always remember how much you were loved

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What a beautiful tribute to your sweet Smudge.

I'm so sorry you lost her, but as you already know, she's not really gone.

Smduge, enjoy your time at Rainbow Bridge.

I hope you and Misky stick around TCS.
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Thank you for sharing a story that although is painful to recall, may save the lives of other kitties by sharing the knowledge gained from the cruel experience. Smudge will be very proud of you, knowing that her passing will be a lesson learned for the rest of us. And I am sure that she sent Misky your way - you have a cat guardian angel that loves you very much
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It is obvious how much you loved Smudge I am sure she is looking down, waiting for the time you will meet again
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