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My heart is breaking

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You probably saw my post about feral mom & 4 kittens. Well, as of last night 10:30 PM mom and the remaining 3 kitten were all sleeping on my moms back patio. This morning the 3 kittens are gone and feral mom as well as my parents are desperately looking for them. They hardly ever left my mothers back yard and if so the stayed very close. We already called local animal control and any other area / regional shelters. NO LUCK!!!

Any ideas what could have happend and other places where we can look? Thanks for any input.
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In the world of the feral, anything could of happened. The only thing you can do is keep putting food out for them. They will return. A large predator may have come into the vicinity and mom went into hiding. She is probably quite near and will stay close to the food source. Because they have all vanished, that is more than likely what happened.
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Hi Hissy:

Only the kittens are missing. The Feral mom has returned a few times this morning to eat a bite or two but is right away off again to search for her 3 kittens. You can see she also has no Idea where her babies are!

Of course we always have a big bowl dry food out for them.

I too am hoping that the kittens are just hiding some where and will be back once they feel it is safe to do so.

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I am sorry to hear about the mom returning without her kits. I will hold on to the hope that the kits will return soon.
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Your prayers worked!!!! THEY ARE BACK!!

My mother said that when feral mom came back
without the kittens the last time she sat herself on the top stair of my parents porch and cried at the top of her lungs. My mother said that she never hear a cat cry like that before. Sure enough within a couple of minutes one after the other appeared.

They must have been hiding from something and only moms call told them that it was safe for them to come out!!!!!!!!!

YEAH and thanks soooooooooooo much for your support!!!!!
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YES!!!!!!! So glad to read this!!! Good luck trapping those babies and re-homing them!
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I am so glad that they are back! Woooohooooo
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I'm so glad to hear they are back all safe and sound!!
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