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Watching the clock!

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Is anybody else at work and watching the clock right now? Technically, I've got two hours until quitting time, but I just looked outside and the parking lot for our building is only about half full. That means some other people have cut out early. I'd do the same, but I'm supposed to be working on an article about the archbishop's new stewardship education plan (ie fundraising). Boring!
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Me me me! And its about to drive me nuts! I hate waiting till time to go home before a long weekend or holiday!
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Me too!!

There are rumors that we will be sent home 1 hour early (which would be in about 30 minutes for me) but I kind of doubt it. I hate waiting!
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Right there with you guys.

And it stinks MORE that I have to come back in to work for the whole day Friday. No one in my industry will be working - our customers and vendors all have that day off. Wanna talk about a boring, LOOOOOONG clock-watching day?

My boss said I could take Friday off as a vaca day, but I don't have enough available - have to leave some for potential winter sick days. (I get a bank of earned time, and all vaca/personal/sick time comes out of it.)
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I have had enough of work today and just want to go home... only I don't want to go home so I may just go to the mall... but not until my boss calls me back so I can get out of here.

All I have left to do is wait for the address labels to finish printing and my boss to call and then sit here for 2 more hours
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29 minutes and counting for me!
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I've been doing everything I can to not watch the clock and avoid real work... including (but not limited to) posting here, playing w/ my new camera which came today, leading cows to a trophy (silly flash game) and chatting over ICQ w/ my fiance... but he's gone now. I do get to leave in 30 min. though. I skipped lunch so I could make a 4pm appointment to get new tires.
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1 hour for me..........come on clock!!!!
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Already took off early...I saw people heading towards the parking garage and everyone else on my floor was leaving too. Luckily for me, I don't work with customers, nor am I hourly, so taking off early doesn't hurt anyone. Besides, if everyone on the 4th floor was taking off, that means the VP told them to leave at 3. Word just takes some time to get up to the 6th floor.

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I'm watching our clock!

Usually the day before a holiday we get out early because it's pretty quiet, but I asked my mom this morning if we were going to be able to leave early and she said probably not! So now I have 36 minutes to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love this time of year- we get paid holidays so I'm getting paid for Thurs & Friday and I don't have to even leave the house!!!
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I know if I were at work I would be watching the clock like crazy..I am at home today though..lucky me!!
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Don't know about the rest of you, but I'm now. My boss told everyone to "go home and make pies," which I'm obviously not doing. So much for my story. It'll get done sometime over the weekend, though.
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2 1/2 hours to go for me and I'm bored stiff.
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I still have to go to work. I work 7 P.M. till 7 A.M. tonight. I am off tommorrow night though.
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Am definitely watching it, but only because I'm waiting for a lady to pick up some stuff so I can go HOME!
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I am off finally and on VACATION!!!
It was a LONG half hour at 3:30 let me tell you! But I'm finally done and now all I have to do is wash the uniforms and put them away for a week!!!! YIPPIE!!!!!!!
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I jinxed myself by posting here because it got really crazy and I ended up staying late AND taking work home with me to do on the train ride home
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