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sedative for travelling?

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My little guy, Toby, will be making his first big move next week. He's not a fan of travelling in the car and this move is a few hours. Is there an over the counter light sedative that I can get in Canada? Any suggestions are much appreciated!
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Tranquilizers can be dangerous. I'd use Feliway instead.

Cheers, from
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I used the felliway diffuser that u put in the plug socket...u could try that? Tis a bit pricey tho...
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I would try to do it without sedatives personally. Sometimes when they are coming out of the sedation they can freak out.

Try making his carrier snugly by putting a soft towel in the bottom and putting another towel over 3/4's of the carrier so he'll have some privacy. He may make a fuss for a while, but will probably settle down. Play some nice classical music while driving (if you can stand it - my husband can't although I love it). We also have a litter pan on the floor in the back seat and a dish of water on the other side for them.
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I use rescue rememdy ... it is a herbal calming that you spray
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my vet suggested a teensy dose of valium or benadryl. I experimented before the trip and both were a disaster. she was all wired and agitated, far from the effect we wanted.

So for the actual five days of driving I used rescue remedy every morning. soaked it on a pounce treat and fed it to her. and I sprayed the motel rooms with feliway and plugged in an infusor. I also didn't feed her alot in the morning to prevent nausea. she got a bigger meal in the evening.

oh and i trained her with a harness and leash so she could get a break during the drive and didn't bolt if she got scared. that was a real mental relief for me. as it turned out she never wanted to leave the car unless she was in her carrier.
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I brought my kitties to Spain from the UK and my vet was dead against using any meds.
He said the normal reaction is for them to go into a sort of "shut-down" and they would probably sleep.
My Dino couldnt have any meds for travel anyway, he has a heart murmer and it would be very dangerous for him.
So they travelled "as is" and were fine.

Good Luck
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