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Vibes for Sam

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Sam, my golden retriever looking dog went to the vets in a semi-emergency this morning. He started acting a little weird last night (he was more clingly than normal and tried to crawl in bed with me at 1:30 which he never does). This morning when we took him out, he'd walk a few steps and sit, a few more steps then sit. We didn't see him pee.

Since there are 3 dogs from his litter with urinary crystal problems, we thought it was a urinary blockage. We got him to the vet as soon as it opened this morning and they ruled out crystals and blockage. They are running x-rays as I type this and already sent out the blood work to the lab. They looked at his blood at the clinic and didn't see anything obvious, but they admit they don't have the full set of equipment to get comprehensive results.

They did insert a catheter to draw urine and have given him pain meds. Unless the x-ray shows something, we have to wait until tomorrow or Friday to hear his blood work results. In the meantime, they are simply putting him on pain medicine. They are speculating either a spinal problem or a pulled muscle. Let's all cheer for the latter.

He's a hurting puppy right now and his brother Spike is sitting at my feet looking totally lost without his brother. Those boys are so close and have never really been apart since they were born (3 years and 2 weeks ago).

Vibes for my Sammie-kins please?
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Awww! Poor baby! Healing vibes sent your way!
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Heres hoping whats got him in a funk clears up quickly...he truly is a beautiful dog
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Aww poor Sam. I hope the vet can figure out what's wrong with him soon so you can get him on the mend. {{{Sam}}}
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Oh, of course you can. Poor Sam, and poor Spike! Vibes for nothing to serious, and get well soon.
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vibes for Sam....get better sweet baby!
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lots of hope its nothing serious vibes {{{{}}}}} for Sam!
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Vibes on their way for lovely Sam
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Lots of healthy vibes for little Sam. OK, big Sam. And calming vibes to you and Steve and brother Spike. Hoping for it to be simple like a pulled muscle.
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Hopefully Sam will accept soooooothing headbuts and please get better quick licks from KittenKiya's Clan.
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Hope he gets well very soon and to you
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Aww sam looks like such a sweetie. I hope he gets better soon.
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Lots and lots of vibes to you, you handsome fella
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I'm sending vibes his way! Hopefully it isn't something serious, poor baby.
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Tons of vibes for Sammy! Please keep us updated!
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Sending lots of vibes for sweet Sam.
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Oh look at that sweet face...many get healthy vibes headed your way for your sweet boy!
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Thanks for the vibes everyone!!

Sam is home. They had to sedate him for the x-rays as he wouldn't lay still long enough. The vet noticed something funny with his hips - most likely the early stages of hip dysplasia. But since that doesn't happen over night, there is still something else going on with him. We'll have to wait for the bloodwork to come back.

They gave him a shot to reverse the sedation but he is still a bit groggy. He's sleeping on the sofa with Spike near his feet. We got a big tub of chewable glucosomine tabs and I had to nudge him awake to get him to take one. Not sure what they cost but we'll be going thru a bucket of those a month.

I haven't talked to the woman who originally fostered these boys for about a year so I called her this morning. This woman adopted their mom (Hope), is a vet tech and keeps close tabs on all of the 11 dogs from that litter. It is great to have someone who knows the problems that happen with this litter of dogs. One dog from Hope's earlier litter does have dysplasia and I always expected Spike to get it as he is a split image of that dog (Dewey). Poor Hope lived on her own for 2 years and had 3 litters in that time. They finally caught her when she had Sam/Spike's litter.
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Its good that he is home now-I hope the vet discovers his problems and that they aren't too bad.
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I'm glad to her both boys are home together again! Hopefully, whatever's going on can be figured out so you poor baby boy Sam can get better...
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I hope you get some good blood results, real soon.
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Kitters and I are sending HUGE VIBES for you both!!! We'll be thinking about you!!
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