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the cat & the min pin

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Does anyone have experience introducing a cat to a tiny, yapping dog, in this case a miniature doberman (min pin)? The dog, Bitzy, belongs to my roommate; my cat is the newbie in the house. Like my roommate, the dog is a sweetheart but extremely high-strung.

I'm not sure if this makes a difference, but the dog is female and not spayed*, and Blarney is a neutered male. I have very little experience with dog behavior. I kept Blarney in my room his first day home, but it wasn't long before he wanted to explore the rest of the house. He has the run of the house, but he heads back to my room when he sees the dog. Bitzy just wants to be friends, but Blarney growls when he sees her. Now, Bitzy weighs five pounds and is not at all aggressive. I think Blarney's skittishness has more to do with the fact that Bitzy can be loud and unpredictable. Is there anything I can do other than give them time to get used to one another?

*The dog isn't mine, or else I'd have her spayed. I'm working on convincing my roomie to do so because a dog in heat is not fun for anyone.
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Ya know, I had Frankie living w/ a min pin once. I don't remember how we introduced them but the dog was high strung. When the dog calmed down was when Frankie would come out. I actually have a pic of them cuddling. Our difference was that Frankie was the resident pet and the dog was less than a year when they were introduced. Cats in general don't appreciate loud and unpredictable. My only idea is to get them together after Bitzy has had a good hard play and may be more calm.
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I think the key to introducing dogs and cats is to keep control of the dog while the cat explores the environment...This way the cat understands that the dog is under your control and won't give chase or startle her otherwise...
You wouldn't think that a Min Pin could cause much damage to a cat but you NEVER know....Also, treat the dog and the cat when they are in near proximity together..>Get them used to the idea of good things happening when they are together!

Good for you in working on your roommate spaying her dog....This is IMPORTANT!

Also, A Min Pin IS NOT a miniature Doberman. THere is no such thing as a Miniature Doberman. They are entirely different breeds with sometimes similiar markings...(it's just a pet peeve of mine when people call min pins 'miniature dobermans'....but it happens all the time!)

Cheers and good luck!
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